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Everyday Fashion Miracles: Vintage Variety

By Will Reid on May 12th, 2008

I happened through a series of make-believe fashion-related and totally cool occurrences to be watching Britain’s Got Talent the other night and as a result I was witness to the horror of Hoop La La. No, this is not some Christian cult or Paganistic ritual it is the work of Jessie, Craig and Tina; a group of students hoping to make it big with their hula-hoop act.

After watching I was inspired to right a piece on vintage clothing and while unexpectedly drawn from the image of a Scot in hot-pants, there is greater reasoning after the jump.

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Trends: Watch and Wear- Fashion’s Pick ‘n’ Mix

By Will Reid on March 26th, 2008

brandishreidtrendwatch.jpgSince the beginning of time, life, and our own existence, man has been fascinated with choice. From peace protests to monumental civil rights movements, we have always had a taste for the mish-mash aspect of life. This obsession with accessibility has been translated onto the season’s catwalks, designers showed a mixture of fabrics and styles to form a collage of culture and a sartorial storyboard of their travels.

From Dries Van Noten to Miu Miu, this was a look that designers embraced and with its increasing popularity among the fash-pack it is one that I’m sure will make a splash in the coming months.

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Miu Miu Brown brogues

By admin on March 7th, 2008

Seeing as this is the last Miu Miu men’s
collection ever, why not get a timeless piece that you can still wear in a few
years time? While round toes are in fashion now, they’re also the most
versatile and durable style of shoe, tending to outlast the faddier pointy toe.

If you want a piece of history and fashion
at the same time, then these round
toe brogues
do the job perfectly. It seems like everyone wanted a piece of
history, as the only sizes left are 7, 7.5 & 9. If you’re any of these
sizes, then you can get these for £275 from Start.


Last chance to buy Miu Miu

By admin on February 7th, 2008

MiumiuAs Miu Miu menswear breathes its last this season, we should all perhaps be stocking up on the label before it disappears forever – well, for the time being at least. This peach cardigan is really quite lovely. I know I predicted the end of cardigans but I’ve changed my mind. That’s the fickle finger of fashion for you. Deal with it.

I’ve never been able to wear Miu Miu unfortunately: their tops are always way too short and barely scrape my nipples. If you’re not freakishly long in the body though, you might want to check it out. Available from Browns.

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