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The 12 gadgets that will shape the year – the very best of CES 2013

By Stefano on January 14th, 2013

So CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, has been and gone for another year. And what a blast it was too. In some respects it was the most interesting show in a while, largely because it saw a lot of new emerging technologies from smart watches through to high-end 4k TV sets.

Along with our pals at Tech Digest we have gone through the hundreds, make that thousands, of products and picked 12 that we think will be then ones that will shape 2013.

I don’t think any will have the impact of say the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle or even Samsung’s early 3D TV sets, but they provide a template which a number of makers will take and refine to deliver the iconic gadgets of the future.

Without further ado then – here is our top twelve.

7 Motorhead Iron Fist headphones

Picture 6 of 12
Picture 6 of 12

If Dr Dre can do it -why not the world's noisiest rock band? At CES Motorhead unveiled a trio of phones that they claim are made by rockers for rockers. These over ear cans are apparently studio quality, come with connections for both phones/MP3 players and hi-fi amps and sport that infamous logo. They probably go up to 11 too. Rock bands doing gadgets is going to be very big in 2013.

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