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MOVEMBER: Getting a Mo Bro shave at the Gillette “The Best A Mo Can Get” barbershop

By Gerald Lynch on November 16th, 2012

16 days into Movember 2012, and taches up and down the land are starting to look like Basil Brush’s tail. Mo maintenance ain’t easy but, for a prostate cancer bashing worthy cause, men up and down the land are persevering, battling through the bedtime rebukes of their partners and the back-of-the-bus jibes from school kids.

Thankfully, Gillette have spotted that a few of us might need a hand keeping our facial fluff looking respectable, and have opened up their “The Best A Mo Can Get” pop-up babershop at 10 Newburgh Street, just off of London’s uber-trendy Carnaby Street. Offering free trims for all Mo Bros that pass through its doors, Brandish took our most hairily-blessed Mo Bro Perrie down to have his impressive lip-wear touched up.

With pro barbers on hand to offer tips and tricks for the best Mo maintenance,  as well as complimentary drinks and luxury hot towel shaving experiences, Perrie’s mouser went from droopy to Dali-worthy in minutes.

With the shop decked out like a 1940s members club, complete with leather furnishings and games rooms, the barbers used Gillette’s Fusion ProGlider Styler, a 3-in-1 styling tool “based on performance driven design”, to get the job done.

Offering a precision edging blade, it let the team trim the loose waves of Perrie’s lip locks, with an ergonomic grip that prevents the line from slipping when perfecting the “Craig David Chin Strap”. Sporting blades said to be thinner than a surgeon’s scalpel,  the Fusion ProGlider Styler gives the closest shave this side of a cut-throat, according to Gillette’s expert grooming team.

Blasting out choice cuts from Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly album while the bantering barbers slashed away at errant stubble, The Best A Mo Can Get barbershop has real attitude, and is definitely worth a visit from any Mo Bros struggling to keep their facial manes in check.

Gillette will be doing their part to fight prostate cancer during the Movember campaign in other ways too, aiming to donate £100,000 to the cause through sales of their Movember stamped products.

Gillette’s The Best A Mo Can Get barbershop is open to all members of the public, with a special late-night opening planned for November 22nd. There will also be a number of events including intimate DJ sets, cocktail nights and whiskey tasting sessions across the month. Check for more details.



MOVEMBER: Gillette open “The Best A Mo Can Get” barbershop for Mo Bros

By Gerald Lynch on November 5th, 2012

We’re five days into Movember 2012, the charity campaign that sees blokes growing a moustache to raise awareness of the dangers of prostate cancer. If you’re taking part, but have ended up with a tache more like Basil Brush’s tail than a finely groomed Errol Flynn number, you’ll be pleased to hear that Gillette are opening up a unique pop-up shop to cater for all your facial fluff needs.

The Best A Mo Can Get barbershop in London will offer free tache-touch-ups over the course of the month, with pro barbers on hand to offer tips and tricks for the best Mo maintenance,  as well as complimentary drinks and luxury hot towel shaving experiences.

Decked out like a 1940s members club, complete with leather furnishings and games rooms, we’re predicting plenty of Dick Dastardly tache twiddling to take place.“As part of our commitment to Movembers cause we wanted to provide Mo Bros with a gentlemanly space for their Movember experience,” said  Jared Regan, Gillette Brand Manager.

“Mo Bros are the advocates of such an important cause so by offering them free touch ups for their Mos we hope to encourage more people than ever to get involved.  Together with Movember and our Gillette consumers across the UK, we’re going to change the face of men’s health, one Mo at a time!”

Gillette will be doing their part to fight prostate cancer during the Movember campaign too, aiming to donate £100,000 to the cause through sales of their Movember stamped products.

If you’d like to visit Gillette’s The Best A Mo Can Get barbershop, head down to 10 Newburgh Street in London, just off of Carnaby Street. It’ll be open to all members of the public on 8 November to coincide with the shopping district’s Christmas lights being switched on, as well as a late-night opening on November 22nd. There will also be a number of events including intimate DJ sets, cocktail nights and whiskey tasting sessions across the month. Check for more details.

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Gear up for Movember with new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

By Gerald Lynch on October 1st, 2012


With the annual prostate cancer ‘Movember’ moustache-growing fundraiser kicking off in just under a month, it’s time to start looking at some new products to keep your extraneous facial hair in line. Today we’ve got the Gillette Fusion ProGlider Styler to show you, a 3-in-1 styling tool “based on performance driven design.”

Offering a precision edging blade, it’ll let you sculpt sharp hair lines, with an ergonomic grip that’ll prevent your line from slipping when you’re perfecting that Craig David chin strap.

With blades said to be thinner than a surgeons scalpel, you’ll be able to get the closest shave this side of a cut-throat, too.

“Our deep understanding of men and our strong design and engineering heritage enabled us to recognise an opportunity to better meet the complex needs of men who style their facial hair,” said  Dr. Kristina Vanoosthuyze, Scientific Communications Manager for Gillette.

“We combined two powerful and proven technologies to help men achieve their individual style with ease.”

Both the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler and Fusion ProGlide Clear Shave Gel are available in shops now. You’re looking at around £20 for the Fusion ProGlide Styler and £3.99 for the Fusion ProGlide Clear Shave Gel.

Key features are as follows:

  • Weight: 92g (including cartridge and battery), 83g trimmer-only
  • Length: 13.8cm; Handle width: 1.2cm; Head width: 4cm
  • Silver Chrome handle with blue accents and a black elastomer that surrounds the handle
  • Power source: one AA battery
  • Waterproof
  • 3 comb attachments for trimming to 2mm, 4mm and 6mm hair-length
  • Power Trimmer Door which opens easily to rinse trimmer (including under tap water)
  • Stylish Base and Holder that conveniently stores all three combs, the Fusion ProGlide™ attachment and the Braun Trimmer

 Over the next few weeks Brandish are going to be getting you all prepped for the annual “Movember” moustache-growing charity fundraiser, digging out the best products, gadgets and tips from leading grooming industry members to make maintaining your ‘tache as easy as possible. Keep checking back for more Movember updates, and good luck!

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Movember 2011

By Laura on October 31st, 2011

Moustache Season is upon us as Movember kicks off tomorrow. So its time to man up and grow that cookie duster.

Every November, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim is simply to help raise money and awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

On Movember 1st, men will start the month off with a clean-shaven face and then for the rest of the month, Mo Bros will groom, trim and wax their moustaches becoming human billboards for men’s health. So what are you waiting for? Join your Mo Bro’s and sign up here.

If your based in London don’t forget to pop down to the Merc clothing store on Carnaby Street throughout November for a tash tidy

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Green shaving creams to celebrate end of Movember

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 30th, 2010

Originally published on Hippyshopper.

December is just one sleep away and we are all getting geared up for Christmas cheer and shopping. However, as November draws to a close I thought we’d give an extra cheer for all of the guys who’ve been sporting tashes for a month in support for Movember; raising funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Now all the lovely ladies whose boyfriends, friends, brothers or fathers have spent a month cultivating a moustache, why not give them a pre-Christmas treat in the form of green shaving products. To make things easier, with the help of Jay Clarke, Hippyshopper has tested four of the best natural shaving creams on the market. (pssst – they are also great as stocking fillers!)

OSMIUM Age Defend Shave.jpgOSMIUM® Age Defend Shave (£12 for 125ml)

A deluxe plant-rich non-foaming shaving cream, the Age Defend Shave contains ingredients to protect, soften and soothe skins while ensuring an ultra-close shave. The shaving cream is free from sulphates and contains Siberian ginseng and juniper, aloe vera, chamomile and eucalyptus oil. This non-drying and calming formula is said to reduce irritation and minimise redness.

Formulated specifically for men, the OSMIUM® range is rich in plant actives, vitamins and minerals, is more than 93% natural and 99% preservative free. Developed in the UK, the products are prepared by experts in natural treatments under the highest quality standards, each product is said to be non-greasy, fast-absorbing and easy to use.

What Jay thought:
While the name sounds like three point military procedure, the name doesn’t mask it from being a decent, if not overwhelming product. It does an excellent job at soothing and preventing irritation or redness which is crucial when shaving. The shaving cream also leaves a pleasant freshness after it is rinsed off. One of the more costly products tested, my only gripe is that I was expecting something special, special aromas that will linger in my memory and long to smell again. While a good product that does everything it says on the box, it unfortunately didn’t blow me away.

Where to buy:

Trilogy Shave Cream.jpgTrilogy Smooth Shave Cream (£10.00 for 150ml)

The Smooth Shave Cream by Trilogy, is a high glide and conditioning cream that contains a unique balance of natural shave primers and skin softening emollients from pure plant oils including avocado, olive, marula and wheat germ. The added benefit of aloe vera and green tea soothes as facial hair is lifted for a comfortable, close and even shave.

Trilogy Natural Actives for Men is produced with a unique combination of zinc, copper and magnesium – minerals known for their beneficial impact of the skin, and essential plant oils that assist in supporting healthier, firmer and younger looking skin.

What Jay thought:
My expectations were high: expensive looking packaging and luxurious sounding ingredients. The first thing I noticed upon applying the cream was its thickness. Like skin-friendly Tip-Ex, it forms a thick shield protecting your face, which feels soft and comforting. The aloe vera sooths and relaxes the face before shaving begins. However upon shaving I realised that it was if anything, slightly too thick, somewhat impeding the razor. I was underwhelmed by the smell, or lack thereof, for a shaving cream containing so many exotic ingredients it smelt bland. It did however do an excellent job at preventing irritation and redness, which is a major benefit of a shaving cream over a shaving gel. Overall, Trilogy shaving cream feels better on your face than it smells. As the shaving cream is part of a skincare series, I expect it to work better with the whole range. For instance, the Trilogy Post Shave Balm provides a plethora of wonderful aroma when opened. Ginger, lemon, orange – dare I say it, Cointreau Liqueur. By the time I’d massaged it into my shaven face I was eager for an edible version. It felt refreshing and is a beautifully complete product. The post shave balm is not cheap at £16, but it is a price worth paying. This is the balm for me; a fantastic product.

Where to buy:

Organic Homme Wash and Shave.jpgOrganic Homme Wash and Shave (£11.95 for 125ml)

This two in one active-packed face wash and shaving gel from Organic Homme promises the ultimate close shave. The gel lifts the hair shafts to help prevent ‘razor burn’ and nicks and cuts. The organic aloe vera soothes, conditions and protects the skin, while plant proteins and seaweed keep the skin smooth and supple.

Organic Homme’s natural and organic products are suitable for all men including those with sensitive skin and those prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin blemishes. Made without any chemical nasties, the products are based on 100% natural, organic and fairly traded ingredients.

What Jay thought:
Organic Homme’s Wash and Shave is another wonderfully citrus effort that I instinctively want to drink rather than rub over my face, perhaps doing both would be an acceptable compromise? From its sweet masculine scent to its minimalistic packaging, this product oozes sophistication. I like it a lot. As it also leaves your skin moisturised it is perfect for the cold winter months.

Where to buy:

Bulldog Original Shave Gel.jpgBulldog Organic Shave Gel (£3.49 for 175ml)

The UK’s first and largest natural skincare brand for men, all Bulldog products are body friendly and don’t contain any artificial nasties, like parabens and sulphates, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. The products are loaded with essentials oils and natural actives.

The Organic Shave Gel, contains seven essential oils to give a smooth and moisturising shave every time: aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannan. The shave gel is best used with liberal amounts of warm water, or better still, in a steam shower. It softens stubbornly hard facial hairs, and is formulated to work with your razor to achieve the right amount of glide to deliver a perfectly smooth shave.

What Jay thought:
I like Bulldog, the value for money is good, the packaging looks lovely, and the gel smells amazing! A cool cascade of menthol eucalyptus, ginger and aloe vera sooths your face, relaxing and silky yet firm and fit for purpose. As mentioned on the packaging, I recommend mixing warm water with the gel as it is quite thick, yet this is no bad thing. The razor glides through it seamlessly, giving a nice smooth, close shave. And best of all, it leaves a lovely cooling, refreshing after-fragrance.

The best of the shaving gels/creams here, and that’s before you factor in that it’s available at a fraction of the price of the others. This is the shaving product to have!

Where to buy:


10 Moustaches to inspire you this Movember

By Laura on November 1st, 2010

November is our favourite time of year, possible because it is really the only time of year when you can legitimately get away with sporting a moustache, and not look like you have just walked out of a trailer park or like you spend to much time snooping around playgrounds.

But on a more serious note November is that special month known a Movember. A challenge to men to change their appearance to raise awareness of prostate cancer. The rules are simple, starting today November 1st you must start clean shaven and then grow out your mo for the entire month. The moustaches becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for cancers that affect men.

To help inspire you this Movember, we have pulled together our top 10 moustaches

Go to to learn more


M(o)ustache update – World Beard & Moustache Championships 2007; Brits granted entry to Best Sports M(o)ustache of All Time

By ShinyMedia on July 19th, 2007

Boy, those moustached fellas don’t miss a trick. Following yesterday’s post focusing on the American Mustache Institute, a nice man representing the World Beard & Moustache Championships 2007 got in touch to alert us Britishers to their event. It’s held on September 1st in Brighton, which is frankly rather more convenient than Missouri. Like the AMI, the Championships aim to raise money for charity (The Rockinghorse Appeal).

As you’d expect from a body of folk used to keeping things neat and tidy, the event looks extremely well-organised. Check out the event schedule for proof. I for one would definitely take part in the "Parade", which runs from 11am. Later on the competition proper takes place (partial and full beards are catered to), before a buffet supper (runny eggs excluded, one hopes).

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