Julie Verhoeven Tees for Mulberry

Julie Verhoeven, the artist and fashion-collaboration extraordinaire has designed a set of t-shirts with her illustrations of animals and other strange creatures. Vogue UK reports that Verhoeven’s fun and frivolous tees are in-store now for both guys and girls at £50 each. Verhoeven relays that “the artwork for the T-shirts came about by wanting a little bit of loopyness for …

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Will ReidJulie Verhoeven Tees for Mulberry

Mulberry Leather Folio

We’ve featured countless man bags here, but
– I can’t believe I’m typing this – there are times when man bags aren’t really
appropriate. You can’t carry a couple of CV’s inside a man bag without it
looking deflated and, in turn, making you look like you don’t know what
accessory suits what occasion.

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