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Mulberry’s Eliot Tote: a male ‘It’ bag?

By Colin Chapman on March 23rd, 2009

Mulberry_Eliot_Tote_White1.jpgCurrently gracing all the best mens glossies is the Mulberry ad for the Eliot Tote bag. It’s rare for a particular model to be touted as the equivalent of a male ‘It’ bag but I guess Mulberry are applying a trusted formula here.

What makes this bag so lovely? The ad photography brings out the heavy grain of the thick leather looking creamier and much less starkly white than in the storefront image here. The ad styling also helps – layered neon knits under leather, low slung jeans also (crucially) in white. But nothing attracts attention away from that bag. Other selling points: the canvas handles look sturdy and practical. Its a tote – as with the cotton tote this exudes youthful exuberance, no PC-laptop lugging or sweaty footie kit here. It’s value suggests you only carry the best items – Fantastic Man natch, Tom Ford shades and it’s roomy enough to slot in your yoga mat. The price? Oh yes, a very It-bag £495.

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Mlutch obliged: would you carry a clutch bag?

By admin on February 10th, 2009

mlutch man clutch bag mulberry philip lim faith.jpg
Click image to enlarge

How could we have missed the boat on this one? We heralded the age of the ‘medge’ aka the male wedge and we all witnessed the explosion of guyliner, manscara and what have you but somehow the ‘mlutch’ evaded us.

Charlie Porter
‘s been gadding about town sporting the BOT (Bang On Trend) accessory but everybody knows that the trend started with Kel Knight of Kath and Kim fame and his manpurse, a vision in grey leather. I’ve picked out a few women’s clutches that you could happily pass off as a mlutch, jump through to find out more.

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Justin Lee Collins? Bob Geldof?! Brandish’s Top 5 Unlikely Male Style Icons

By admin on July 15th, 2008

Round these parts we know who looks good and who doesn’t, but who are the more unlikely chaps working individualistic looks that we admire?

justin_lee_collins.gif5. Justin Lee Collins

Will Reid: Although Justin may be prone to a too-tight t-shirt, The Friday/Sunday Night Project presenter’s sheer charisma and the fact that those tight tees usually bear a cult band logo mean he’s earned his place on this list. With his faded flares and large Aviators Justin has made many a Friday night worth staying in for, and if he gets his shaggy-yet-manicured locks cut, I for one will weep.

[image: Ken McKay/Rex Features]

The Top 4 can be found after the jump…

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Julie Verhoeven Tees for Mulberry

By Will Reid on April 13th, 2008

mulberrytee2.JPGJulie Verhoeven, the artist and fashion-collaboration extraordinaire has designed a set of t-shirts with her illustrations of animals and other strange creatures. Vogue UK reports that Verhoeven’s fun and frivolous tees are in-store now for both guys and girls at £50 each. Verhoeven relays that “the artwork for the T-shirts came about by wanting a little bit of loopyness for springtime and letting loose the Mulberry menagerie of daft animals.” I couldn’t agree more- as seen in previous posts, I am also feeling the pressure of season transition and these are a designer-label colour boost. Wear them with jeans for day or with thin cardigans in berry tones and the Uniqlo chinos for a low-key evening look. Verhoeven’s previous collection for Mulberry, a collection of quilted bags covered with her illustrations, were a disappointment for many but these look fresh and colourful enough to top many a Spring wishlist.
In stores now, £50 each, Pig, Bunny and Cat (left) motifs

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WISHLIST: Goodie Two Sleeves T-shirts

By Will Reid on March 20th, 2008

Gt077m I know a guy who has a huge collection of novelty t-shirts. So often, I have been the victim of that ‘I’m With Stupid’ tee and it seems that every other day is chance for an airing of the Pac-Man castlist. However annoying, the t-shirts work as a great icebreaker and for some reason never lose their original wit. For this week’s sartorial desire, I went on a quest for one of these t-shirts and discovered a label called ‘Goodie Two Sleeves.’ With a great website, wide range of styles, witty logos and boys and girls collections- these tees would make brilliant presents and even better pick-me-ups (hint,hint any generous reader.) Compared to the usual Lanvin trainers and Mulberry baggage, this week’s WISHLIST item is also relatively cheap at around £10 for each t-shirt. Okay, I said relatively.

T-shirt, Goodie Two Sleeves, £11


Mulberry Leather Folio

By admin on February 1st, 2008

We’ve featured countless man bags here, but
- I can’t believe I’m typing this – there are times when man bags aren’t really
appropriate. You can’t carry a couple of CV’s inside a man bag without it
looking deflated and, in turn, making you look like you don’t know what
accessory suits what occasion.

These times are thankfully few and far
between, but they do occur. When one such occasion arises, a Mulberry
leather folio
will do you wonders. The most impressive feature of this
folio isn’t the leather but the array of business card, mobile phone and pen
pockets that all cram their way inside a very slim folio. The folio’s are
available from Psyche at £250.   


WISHLIST: Mulberry’s Brynmore and Barnaby bags

By Will Reid on January 17th, 2008


Menswear magician Stuart Vevers has pulled another trick out of the bag (no pun intended!) The Brynmore (left) is a stunning piece that combines a classic style with incredible design to make a piece that all men will be proud to BRANDISH (this is a worrying habit). The Barnaby right, is another bag from the new collection and another future classic. It is made with natural leather and has an internal pocket as well as quick release buckles. Spacious, well made and thoughtfully designed, Vevers realises what men need in a bag and allows the wearer to live without the accessory getting in the way. In an interview with GQ magazine, Vevers explained that "Mulberry bags show an appreciation of beautiful quality not ostentation," and this week’s Wishlist items are testament to that. Just don’t let the price tag stop you.

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