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OkiNi takes a new direction (and the trusty band T-shirt with it)

By Colin Chapman on February 20th, 2009

OkiNi have just announced they will shortly be branching out to offer a music section on the site, better known for its well-priced designerwear. But this isn’t quite the off-fashion post it may seem, as the first release by the new music arm will be the A Mountain of One album release which comes complete with T-shirt.

And we’re not talking just any old T-shirt but a ‘vintage styled stretched neck T-shirt’ – only going to prove that changes are afoot in T-shirt land (as we’ve posted about recently). So it’s probably time to throw out those figure-hugging or (heaven forbid) ribbed Ts lurking in your wardrobe and embrace a looser, less defined shape with the neckline being (it seems) where the action is.

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