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Uniqlo Purple T-shirt

By admin on March 28th, 2008

uniqlo tee.jpg

Why are all Uniqlo’s purple pieces labelled as navy? It’s not exactly a world changing problem, but it’s still an irritation. Take this “purple” Shotaro Ishinomori tee for instance. It looks purple in the picture. It looks purple in the store. The only people saying it isn’t purple are Uniqlo.

But enough about that. Whilst this t-shirt is in season with the purple colours and all, it’s also a sign of Manga geekery. Shotaro Ishinomori is the kind of guy that everyone who follows Manga knows about but no one outside does. A Manga Neil Young, if you will. Do your research on this guy before you get this tee or prepare to get heckled every time you pass Forbidden Planet.

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