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Designer Spotlight

Nom De Guerre go grey for spring

By admin on February 18th, 2008


(Click on the image for full-sized picture)

While most spring/summer ranges embrace
bright colours, Nom De Guerre have
decided to go all neutral. Using a muted palette much more suited to winter, it’s
a look that works because it shouldn’t. Grey isn’t a colour you associate with spring
and because of this, the contrast would be all the more striking. 

Personally, I’m still not sold on shorts on
men, Most men have legs that should be covered at all times. To Nom De Guerre’s credit, they make it look wearable, which is no mean feat. They’re also (probably)the
only label who haven’t adopted roll ups for their trousers, which shows a nice
streak of nonconformity. Their new range should be available when their online store opens. For now, you
can watch ‘Der Hamster’ instead.

Designer Spotlight

Diet Butcher Slim Skin

By admin on February 15th, 2008


Diet Butcher Slim Skin – which
manages to win the awards of best & worst brand name simultaneously – are
another Japanese brand that feature Punk influenced clothing with a
contemporary Japanese twist. With Pinstriped purple coats, wraparound cardigans
and a waistcoat that can be tied at the bottom, it’s definitely more daring
than fellow counterpart Lad Musician. They’re also more clearly influenced by
bands such as The Clash and The Jam, whilst Lad Musician are influenced by The
Rolling Stones.

Whilst this may look like more teasing,
this time Diet Butcher Slim Skin are actually sold in Doors by Jas M.B. They’re only
available in stores, but that’s better than nothing.

Designer Spotlight

Surface to Air Spring/Summer collection

By admin on February 15th, 2008


Given the fact that London Fashion Week has
been especially weak for menswear, we’ve had to focus on label’s spring summer
collection. Surface To
have been featured here a good few times and for good reason; Their
pieces are top notch. In addition to the jewellery that Tim Hunter discovered,
they’ve added footwear to the latest collection.

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