Manchester City – Frank Lampard to stay beyond January?

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Frank Lampard was released from Chelsea in the summer and to the shock of many Premier League fans would go on to join Manchester City on loan from his new club, New York City. Now the Daily Express understand that Lampard will stay at the Etihad Stadium beyond January, staying until the end of the season. Frank Lampard, 36-years-old, came through …

Arsene Wenger critical of Frank Lampard loan move

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Arsene Wenger has blasted Manchester City and Frank Lampard for the loan move that saw him return to the Premier League following his Chelsea departure. The Daily Mirror report how Wenger has questioned the legality of the move. Frank Lampard left Chelsea after 13 years at the club where he became the Blues’ all-time goalscorer and won 3 Premier League trophies, 4 …

Could Lampard stay with Manchester City beyond January?

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Could Frank Lampard be set to prolong his stay at the Etihad? Speaking to BBC Sport, the former England midfielder said, “I’m signed here until January, so that’s all I can say at the minute,” said ex-Chelsea player Lampard.” An argument has been proposed to Lampard that he does not need to return to the USA for pre-season training as he …

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