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Style Safari – Retro Sunglasses guide

By Stefano on May 20th, 2013

With summer fast approaching (- or due to make an appearance any time now) your look is not complete without a set of shades. With so many different styles to choose from and plenty of good High Street versions at a fraction of the cost, some of the coolest ones right now have got to be retro inspired ones. Sunglasses have become iconic items in fashion terms, with certain styles becoming synonymous with particular famous people in history; From James Dean, Gregory Peck, to Roy Orbison and Karl Lagerfeld (- and not forgetting Tom Cruise in Top Gun, if we have to…) here’s our top 12 cool retro picks…

Black half frame retro sunglasses £10

Picture 12 of 12
Picture 12 of 12

Black retro sunglasses with half metal frame. River Island



Summer sunglasses: go for retro bright or classic cool

By admin on April 28th, 2009

next orange sunglasses mango retro.jpg

Ray-Bans were last year’s hit sunnies, but this year maybe try something a little more anonymous?

‘s orange sunglasses retail at £12, and despite the lack of branding still have a distinctive retro look. The orange frames look great with a tan and there’s a nice clash going on with the purple lenses. Mango’s pair (£23) are for the more classically minded, the tortoiseshell frame and old fashioned shape will go great with a ‘Talented Mr Ripley‘ style summer look.


Next colour block t-shirt

By ShinyMedia on May 2nd, 2007


This cool colour block t-shirt is surprisingly enough from Next, this means that not only is it cheap, but the chances of you spotting anyone you know in it are slim. That’s the trick with the more fuddy duddy retailers, no one thinks they will stock anything interesting so when they do you can snap it up without fear of looking like a high street clone. This interesting tee will set you back a mere £20 and will look great with some pale grey slacks for a relaxed summer look.

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