“I was 2cm away from being paralysed” – Neymar

A tearful Neymar struggled to contemplate what might have been if the tackle which ended his World Cup had been the tackle which ended his career. The 22-year-old Brazilian wonder-kid fractured vertebra when he was maliciously kneed in the back by Colombia’s Juan Zuniga in Brazil’s 2-1 Quarter Final win. “God blessed me” – the simple words which echoed the …

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Oliver Baines“I was 2cm away from being paralysed” – Neymar

Rodriguez or Neymar?

Who is better? Colombia’s James Rodriguez or Brazil’s Neymar? Both are so similar, but yet very different players. Rodriguez has been the name on everyone’s lips of late; scoring 5 goals and providing 2 assists. The Colombian has dazzled defences with his intricate skill but he also possesses a team cohesiveness that unifies his play. Rodriguez knows the difference between …

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Oliver BainesRodriguez or Neymar?