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Kosmischer Läufer – the amazing story of East German Kraut Rock for athletes

By Stefano on June 6th, 2013


As you all know West Germany during the 1970s was an explosion of musical creativitiy as bands like Can, Neu and Amon Duul married wonderful meandering psychedelic melodies to that very special Motorik Kraut Rock Groove. As for East Germany. Well the music soundtrack was just a little more conservative.

With a totalitarian Communist government running the show and the Stasi secret Police ready to pounce on anyone who stepped out of line, making music that had echoes of the decadent west was not a great career move.

Except for one fella. In a story so perfect that part of me still thinks it might be one giant hoax (UPDATE – this may be the case see the comments), film-sound editor and composer Martin Ziechnete not only managed to create the definitive East German Kraut Rock suite but at the same time beat Nike to the punch in inventing music to exercise to by a good thirty years.

The story runs that Ziechnete’s experiments with electronic music came to the attention of the ruling party who sent a a couple of representatives to pay him a call.

Ziechnete said

“I feared I would lose my job, at the very least. It would be very bad for someone who worked on party films to be seen to be influenced by the enemy. We drove in silence to the outskirts of Berlin to what I later found out was an athletics camp. They knew all about me and my idea. They questioned me about the concept for hours then left me alone in the room.

“Later an official from the Nationales Olympisches Komitee came in and told me I would begin to work on the project immediately.”

That project was an attempt to create music that would inspire the East German athletes of the day – remember at this time they were ultra successful – to even greater heights. So so the music that has just been reissued as Kosmischer Läufer: The Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Program 1972-83, Volume One was born.

It is a fascinating listen to with or without your shorts on. The opener Zeit Zum Laufen 156 is an ambient piece designed to accompany your warm up. Things then move up a gear with Sandtrommel in which an odd spacey keyboard battles with a very strange, off kilter beat.

The highlight is track four Tonband Laufspur (above) which is closest to the Kraut Rock visionaries that Ziechnete was so inspired by, especially in its mental push yourself to the line finale.

Overall it is a marvellous listen and you really don’t need to care too much about its genesis or its athletics ambitions to enjoy it.

Ziechnete’s music obviously did the business as East German athletes dominated track and field for much of the 70s. Well State Plan 14.25 may have played a role too.

The album is available via Bandcamp for £3.50 here.

And while we are on a Kraut Rock trip check out this superb track from new Aussie psych band Buried Feather who are clearly on nodding terms with the odd Neu record.

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Flyknit Experience: We test out the new Nike Lunar 1+ in a running ‘flash mob’ along The Thames

By shinychris on March 5th, 2013

Nike Flyknit launch

If you started running a few years ago, when it was still disparagingly referred to as jogging, you know how heavy trainers used to be – like wearing lead weights on your feet. Not any more. Manufacturers are literally tripping over each other to bring the latest lightweight fabric technologies to our feet.  Last month saw the arrival of the Adidas Boost, now it’s the turn of Nike with the latest incarnation of its Flyknit technology.

Unlike some trainers which are made out of several pieces of fabric, the selling point of the latest Flyknit Lunar 1+ running shoes, is that they are made out of a single piece of fabric. This, Nike claims, helps to reduce friction and keeps the weight down because there isn’t any need for stitching or glue. Certainly the Flyknit Lunar 1+ trainers I ran in at the Nike event at London’s Somerset House were very lightweight indeed (just a shade of 200 grammes). But they were also very comfortable too. This is partly down to the ‘steam-before-you- sprint’ service where the trainers are placed in a steamer for 30 seconds before wearing them for the first time so they are moulded to your feet correctly. But it’s also due to the Lunarlon midsole that gives you extra spring in your step.

To test out the Lunar1+ running shoes, Nike had advertised for a group of runners via Facebook to take part in the ‘Flyknit Experience’. So off we went in a big gang, running along the banks of the Thames along with British middle distance runner, Hannah England (World Championship Silver Medallist, 1500m). It was all good fun, like a giant running flash mob, armed with neon coloured batons. Up we went onto the Millennnium Bridge, running up the steps to the theme tune to Rocky then across the bridge (thankfully no longer wobbly) up to Waterloo and back round to Somerset House on the north bank near Temple. Along the way several activities were planned, most of which seemed to involve shouting and screaming and waving our batons in the air – no wonder  pedestrians seemed to scatter in fear, as over 100 Nike-clad runners approached at speed.

Nike Flyknit pink and blackGiven that before the Nike run, I hadn’t actually been running for a month because of a football related foot injury I actually felt pretty good at the end of it. Whether that was because of the Nike trainers, or the thrill of running around central London on a crisp, clear night I don’t know. But one thing is for sure: the Flyknit Lunar 1+ running shoes felt very comfortable. As they are so light weight I thought running on the pavements may have taken their toll on my legs, but in fact they felt really bouncy too, giving me an extra spring in my step.

Obviously with a price tag of £140 they aren’t exactly cheap. But for serious running enthusiasts, especially those who belong to running clubs, they are a very sensible investment indeed. And while the pink and black pair I tried out wouldn’t be my first choice of colour, there are several colour ways to suit different tastes.

To find about more about the technology of the shoe see our interview with Nike product ‘Ekin’ (a product manager who knows Nike back to front, geddit) Sam Adams.

Sorry it’s a little dark (and pink) but it was late by the time we finished our run.

And here you can see my pair of Nike Lunar 1+ coming out of the steamer, before putting them on before my first run. Looks great doesn’t it, like they’ve been cryogenically frozen for thousands of years and are just seeing daylight for the first time!

You can see Hannah England, Silver medalist, World Championship 1500m talking about Nike and her training regime here.

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How to motivate yourself to get fit in the New Year

By shinychris on January 15th, 2013

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Did you make a resolution to get fit this year? For a lot of you, the answer is yes. According to a blog by The Independent, to get fit or lose weight is the third most popular New Year’s resolution for 2013. It sits just behind people’s aims to save more money and get out of debt. But, how many people go on to fulfil their resolutions? Men’s Fitness magazine claims of the people who give up on their fitness resolutions, the majority do so after six weeks.

The secret to achieving your fitness goals is being consistent. There’s no point going to the gym once a fortnight and waiting for results to appear. In the same way, regularly doing workouts but eating whatever you want will be no help either. It’s all about maintaining a routine until it becomes a lifestyle.

A lot of people believe that the hardest part is getting started. This is often the case, but even the fittest people lose motivation at some point and struggle to get back to the gym. It’s just a matter of finding ways to tackle the problem and getting yourself back on track to success.

Photograph your progress

One of the main reasons that people lose motivation to exercise is that they’re not seeing results. When it comes to getting fit, it’s a slow process and results don’t happen overnight. It usually takes 12 weeks to notice a substantial difference in your body, but along the way you’re always changing, even if you don’t notice it. Taking a before picture and then subsequent monthly snapshots will show your body gradually changing and help you to realise that your hard work is paying off. It’s best if you wear your underwear or tight-fitting clothes for these pictures as then you’ll really be able to notice the changes.

In a similar fashion, documenting your progress through measurements is another solution. Take initial measurements of your upper arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves and then re-measure yourself every week or two. Writing these numbers down will give you solid proof that your body is responding to the exercise. Just make sure you always take the measurements from the same spot or your figures could be misleading.

Look the part

People go to the gym to look better and a lot of our motivation comes from looking good while we’re there. Wearing old and unflattering exercise gear isn’t going to inspire you. But investing in some fashionable workout threads can get you going to the gym more often. Where else are you going to show them off?

Dressing right not only makes you feel better, it also aids your work out. Although they look good, the gym is one place where both women’s and men’s denim jeans are not acceptable attire. They inhibit movement, can get caught in equipment and aren’t designed to handle immense sweating. You need something designed specifically for exercise which gives you a full range of movement and absorbs sweat.

The right footwear is also vital. For most exercise, your foot needs to be stabilised and supported to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Nike are one of the leading brands in sportswear simply because they provide immensely researched and rigorously tested trainers to give wearers the best support while exercising.

Make it social

A lot of people enjoy going to the gym for its social aspect. Exercise is an opportunity to work off the stresses of your day to day life and being surrounded by friends while you’re working out is a great way to take your mind off work.

Having a gym buddy is a fantastic motivational tool as the other person expects that you’ll be there to workout with them. But if you’re going alone, remember, everyone who goes to the gym is there for the same reason as you – to get fitter – so you’ll have some

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Gold Medal Style Winners: a look back at the standout style moments of the London 2012 Olympics

By shinychris on September 24th, 2012

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London’s always been an edgy trendsetter, and this summer it showed that sport can be just as sexy as the catwalk, thanks to some standout style stars on the track. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Karen Elson may have strutted their stuff in Alexander McQueen to close the games, but when it comes to memorable fashion moments, this year’s gold medals go to these guys.

Mo Farah

Britain’s golden boy of the track and field, Mo became a double Olympic champion at the 2012 Olympic Games, taking gold in both the 5,000 and 10,000 metres in breathtaking style. And as well as his eye catching smile as he crossed the finish line, Mo grabbed our attention with his custom-designed Nike Zoom Victory Elite neon-yellow spikes. He wasn’t the only one to step into the in-your-face trainers; in fact, more than 400 athletes wore bright yellow sneakers from the specially created Nike Volt range over the course of the games. The reason? Their high tech Flywire technology forms an ultra-lightweight upper, woven using featherweight single thread, to create a sock-like fit. Not to mention the gleaming, golden spike plate that helped 25 of the Nike wearers win gold for real.

Usain Bolt

The fastest man on the planet looked slick in his custom-designed Puma tracksuit pre-race. Draped in black from head to toe, hood up, and with plenty of attitude, Usain looked like a winner from the start. The Jamaican kit was designed especially for the games by Cedella Marley, daughter of reggae legend Bob. Featuring slogans like ‘Positive Vibrations’, and pictures of her father on some of the track jackets, she said that she’d been inspired by her dad’s style, and wanted to merge the worlds of Jamaican music and sport with her kit design. It certainly inspired the Lightning Bolt, who went on to create a new Olympic 100m record, and take home the gold in both the 100m and 200m finals.

Sanya Richards-Ross

American 400m gold medallist Sanya Richards-Ross caused a stir on the track with her imposing, feminine look. While most female athletes choose to tie their hair back, she braided just the front, leaving her tousled curls to hang loose down her back. Brushing back her hair, she revealed a pair of blingin’ Chanel earrings too. Teamed with her Nike athletic sleeves – designed to emphasise her muscular arms and shoulders, as Sanya stepped out onto the track she ensured that all eyes were on her – and an instant threat to her competitors before she’d got off the starting block.

Yohan Blake

Another trendsetter from the Jamaican team, Yohan turned heads and caused a little controversy with his OTT accessorising at the games. Violating the strict Olympic clothing regulations, which state that athletes are only allowed to wear apparel that is sponsored by their country, he flouted the rulebook and wore an eyepopping yellow watch during the 100m final. Custom-made for Yohan by designer Richard Mille, this bit of bling was impossible to miss, and cost an eyewatering $500,000 too.

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This is what a £60,000 t-shirt looks like

By Gerald Lynch on August 1st, 2012

I once bought a vintage second-hand Prince Purple Rain tour t-shirt on eBay for £80. It felt like the most extravagant garment I’d ever bought at the time at a score short of £100 (and even more so when it actually arrived, stained and moth-eaten as it was).

But £60,000 for a t-shirt? That’s just madness.

But that’s almost what an incredibly limited edition t-shirt has just sold for on eBay.

The one-off all-over print Nike Air Yeezy 2 t-shirt, created by artist WilFry sold on eBay earlier this month for a staggering $90,300 (£57,789.68).

The t-shirt was part of promotional items surrounding the launch of the Nike Air Yeexy 2 trainers, a collaboration between the sneaker brand and rapper Kanye West. 3,000 pairs of the platinum/grey trainers were made, but few other than Kanye himself would have been able to afford the t-shirt.

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Nike LeBron Elite 9 Varsity Maize trainers out now

By Gerald Lynch on May 14th, 2012

Nike LeBron 9 Elite Varsity Maize

Picture 1 of 7
Picture 1 of 7

On the lookout for a new pair of basketball shoes, and still want to look the buisness on the court? Check out these limited edition trainers from Nike.

The Nike LeBron Elite 9 Varsity Maize launched over the weekend alongside the Air Jordan 4 Cav and Zoom KD IV Aunt Pearl, and come with a seriously eye-catching yellow upper. All eyes will be on your feet, not the ball as you weave around in these.

Elsewhere, the trainers sport Max and Zoom Air cushioning and Pro Combat-style padding, along with inset carbon fiber wings.

However, you’re going to have to move faster than Jordan himself if you want to bag yourself a pair. A limited edition, they’re not even available at Nike’s own online shop. Instead, you’re going to have to head instore to grab a pair while stocks last. There will also be a scant few pairs over on the FootLocker web store.

Expect to pay around the $250 mark on import for these beauties, not including shipping. See them from all sides in the gallery above.

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Nike Basketball: “Basketball Never Stops”

By Laura on October 31st, 2011

The NBA lockout may have been extended until November 30th, but that hasn’t stopped Nike from rolling out their new campaign “Basketball Never Stops’”

The ad features some of the finest players in the game including: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and Amar’e Stoudemire, with cameos from Questlove, J. Cole and Duke’s Coach K. All focusing on their undying love, passion and dedication to the game of basketball.

With fans the most hurt by the lockout… the campaign plays on emotions and works as a bit of a PR job to protect the NBA’s public image. It will be interesting to see what happens if the entire season does go down the drain.


The Nike Ralston Premium TAPE

By Laura on September 12th, 2011

We have been predicting for a while now that the desert boot would be a popular trend this season – and it looks like we were right. Nike, is the latest brand to jump on the band wagon with the Ralston Premium TAPE sneaker.

The burgundy suede shoe, has clearly been inspired by the desert boot silhouette, with its minimalistic construction, three eyelets and matching flat laces. What I like most about this shoe is the subtle attention to detail, from the embossed Nike logo on the tongue, to the tape seams and even the corresponding burgundy soles, coming together to create am understated yet eye-catching urban look.

The Nike Ralston Premium TAPE is set to go on sale October 8

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Liberty teams up with Nike Sportswear for the 2011 Summer Collection

By Laura on March 17th, 2011

The new Liberty of London Nike collaboration has been receiving a lot of mixed opinions since the first images appeared online. The Summer 2011 line has drawn upon the iconic London stores, capsule collection to create twelve new variations of classic models such as the Dunk Hi, Air Force 1, Blazer Mid and Blazer Low.

Most criticism of the shoes has been in regards to the distinctive Liberty patterns used, including the instantly recognizable floral print. Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, there is no denying they are certainly hipster material.

The collection is scheduled for April 1, 2011, release.


Nike Dunk High Premium

By Laura on January 25th, 2011

Nike has launched the Dunk High model for Spring 2011. My favourite version of the model has to be the one featured above. With its denim construction, off-white leather heel panel, and blue/white/red pull tab and white mid-soles, these shoes would look great with a pair of jeans for a casual look.

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Steven Alan Collaborates With Nike Sportswear

By Laura on January 21st, 2011

Rough Cut: Steven Alan for Nike Sportswear from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

We absolutely love the new Steven Alan collection for Nike Sportswear launched today. The five styles all draw on Nike’s archives and add Steven’s impeccably clean twist, resulting in great classic shoes.
Cool Hunting, had the chance to sit down with Steven Alan to talk about the collection. Check out the video above to hear more about what inspired the collaboration.
To see the full collection go here

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Pendleton and Nike Team Up To Create The Big Jim Jacket

By Laura on December 16th, 2010

I absolutely love this winter jacket. Made using dense Pendleton virgin wool, the material blocks icy chills while its “deconstructed” style means it layers well and is still lightweight enough for running around the city.

The piece is a part of the “Triple Black” collaboration between Pendleton and Nike’s outdoor division ACG. The jacket has a really modern feel and does a great job combining traditional materials with Nike’s expertise in sportswear.

This is demonstrated in the attention to detail and functionality, such as the magnetic closures on pockets and waterproof zippers. The jacket also has a removable hood, seams and shoulder patches reinforced with ripstop nylon, a storm flap on the collar, and thankfully minimal branding.

Over all this is a great jacket for anyone who wants to achieve a classic look without sacrificing warmth.

Currently the jacket is only available in North America and retails for $400 which at the current exchange rate is about £257


New Puma Suede

By jsmith on July 16th, 2009


Puma have been digging around in the dead stock closet and come out with a butt load of new Suede colours hitting the shelves at the end of the summer. Puma Suedes akin to the Reebok Pump, the Adidas Shell Toes and the Nike Air Max1 are mega players in the sneaker world, never looking dated and always being refreshed with new colourways.

If you really like to draw attention then why not team a pair of these with some bleached denim when they drop late August. Available from Wellgosh and other top retailers.

Jump through for more images.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Nike Air Max 1 OG Re-Re-Re-Release

By Jonathan Smith on May 21st, 2009


Right kids it’s time to lower the tone with some sneaker news: the universally beloved Air Max 1 OG is back for another innings at Overkill. The Air Max 1 was first released in this original colourway back in 1987 and has periodically been re-released to rapturous hype every time. The AM1 OG has since gone down as one of the most loved colourways of one of the most loved trainer of all time making a real, but accessible collectors item.

This time the Max is slated for release the end of June just as the summer should really be kicking in so why not team a pair with some skinny faded Cheap Mondays from Urban Outfitters and a colourful SS-Tee from American Apparel. Sorted.

[Via: Overkill]

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Liberty & Nike collaboration out on Valentine’s day

By admin on February 10th, 2009

liberty nike collaboration sneaker trainer.jpg
Click image to enlarge

Another item which is made for women but who gives fig when they look as good as this? The Liberty X Nike collab hits the Liberty store when else but this February 14th for a limited time, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

They have a plain blue pair named Nina, and an orange pair named Phoebe, but the nicest by far are the Patchwork Dunk, a mix showcasing the best of Liberty print. If you should be lucky enough to be slight of foot head down to Liberty and snap up a pair, at £70 for the plain and £85 for the patchwork they’re fairly reasonable and will go wonderfully with the new season pastel pieces making the rounds for Spring/Summer.


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