Brandish Christmas Picks: Rolex iD


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This season of good will someone better had good will me up a custom Rolex with my name on it. Coming from Bamford’s Watch Department this website lets you pick custom colours and engravings for your own Rolex Submariner. Prices starting at around £7000 these don’t come cheap, but then some people are worth it (me).

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Jonathan SmithBrandish Christmas Picks: Rolex iD

Nike “iD Sample” AM90


As a rule I generally want my trainers as obnoxious as possible, bright colours, glow in the dark, even their own lighting system wouldn’t go a-miss, but these all grey AM90‘s are the bloody business. Dubbed as the “iD Sample” Air Max due to them having a more than striking resemblance to the sample trainers found in Nike iD studios, these kicks are proving once more that less is definitely more.

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Jonathan SmithNike “iD Sample” AM90

Nike iD – Design your own trainers

If there’s one thing guaranteed to push the big red button marked "angry", its when a shop assistant tells me that something I’ve rejected because it doesn’t suit me is "supposed to look like that". Oh, these skin tight jeans are supposed to make me look like I’ve got a vagina are they? The sheer condescending arrogance of it – …

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adminNike iD – Design your own trainers