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Nirvana’s finest album – not Nevermind

By Stefano on December 13th, 2012

For well over a decade now Nirvana fans trawling through websites like Amazon have probably gasped with excitement as they saw previously unknown (to them at least) albums by their heroes with titles like All Of Us and The Story of Simon Simopath.

For as they were about to find out, before Kurt and the chaps pinched a Pixies riff or two and delivered a pair of noisy grunge pop platters, they made a few rather wonderful whimsical British pop sike albums.

They may only have been in nappies at the time, but the baroque, heavily orchestrated pop albums Nirvana left in their wake would easily dwarf their later grungier efforts. Interestingly Kurt, who had chosen the splendid nom de plume of Patrick Campbell Lyons, had affected a nasally but quite appealing singing style. Meanwhile Dave Grohl had also taken a very imaginative pseudonym of Alex Spyropoulos, and perfected the art of playing all manner of obscure instruments. As every Foo Fighters fan knows – he was wasted on the drums.

Nirvana mark one even played a few shows in the hipper London venues of the time and hung out with pop royalty like The Kinks, who would sadly not influence their later work at all, and of course future front man Paul McCartney.

Perhaps Nirvana’s finest hour then is All Of Us, a brilliant hotch potch of silky, psychedelic pop songs that stay in your head for days. It also features their first hits too in Rainbow Chaser, a heavily phased track with the most delicate of tunes, and arguably their best ever song Tiny Goddess, a Left Banke style lilt that would later be covered admirably by French folk ice queen Francoise Hardy (see below for video of her singing the song in Italian).

Other highlights include the title track of sorts, The Touchables (All Of Us), the theme from the movie of the same name which features an unforgettable rabble-rousing chorus.

Sadly, having delivered their wonderfully chirpy soft pop masterpiece Kurt and Dave hit their wilderness years (primary school) which would see them suffer pain and angst – feelings all too familiar to anyone unfortunate enough to have heard their In Utero album (just kidding grunge fans!).

Ironically I was fortunate enough to meet the real Patrick Campbell Lyons a few months before his namesake band released Nevermind. He told me that he was thinking of suing the other Nirvana for pinching his name. ‘Don’t waste your money!’ I told him. ‘That dodgy old American punk band will never amount to anything.’ Spot on there wasn’t it?


Kurt Cobain’s 50 favourite albums – how many do you own?

By Stefano on November 15th, 2012

Kudos to Flavorwire for publishing a hand written note from the late Nirvana fella that lists his top 50 albums.

It is a facsinating list in many ways for several of the albums he mentions were, how shall we say, rather uncool in the plaid shirt and super long shorts late 80s and early 90s grunge era.

So while there are plenty of the ususal suspects (Stooges, Sex Pistols and Sonic Youth) there is also The Marine Girls Beach Party (think winsome English lo-fi pop with a pre-Everything But The Girl Tracey Thorn on vocals) and Get The Knack by The Knack (oddball skinny tied power pop from the late 70s which includes My Sharona, but would have had Soundgarden and Mudhoney fans running a mile).  There is also The Shaggs’ Philosophy Of The World which was a dirty secret back then and was viewed as a60s novelty record, not a garage punk masterpiece.

Here’s The Shaggs

Kurt has also chosen for his Beatles album not Revolver or Seargent Pepper but Meet The Beatles – which was basically the US version of the second album With The Beatles but with I Want to Hold Your Hand and I Saw Her Standing There also on board.

Interesting to see that very high on the list is The Pixies Surfer Rosa, the album whose sound Kurt ripped off creatively reinvented more than any other.

So how many do you own or listen to regualrly on Spotify? I have 6? Tell us in the comments.

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20 Most Iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Hairstyles

By Gerald Lynch on June 29th, 2012

Rock ‘n’ roll can be broken down as follows: 10% fashion, 10% music and 110% HAIR. We know that adds up to 130%. That’s why we’re writing for a fashion site and aren’t quantum physicists. But it also acts to highlight just how important good hair can be in the making of a musical and cultural icon, and cementing the status of bona-fide rock ‘n’ roll stars. Where would Elvis be without his quiff? Or Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust without his…his unique style? On the dole queue, that’s where. Here, Brandish pick out the 20 most iconic hair styles in rock ‘n’ roll history.

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Adam Ant

Picture 4 of 20
Picture 4 of 20

The dandy prince of pop was like a fairytale character come to life when he stormed the charts with hits like "Prince Charming" and "Stand and Deliver". The Adam had nice black curls to begin with, it was the attention to detail that made his look stand out. Influenced by tales of the pirate Blackbeard weaving lit fuses into his hair to scare off attackers, Adam's hair was a dazzling web of ribbons and charms.

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Kurt Cobain-inspired Converse range

By admin on March 19th, 2008

converse kurt cobain trainer shoe.jpgI would have thought the era of Kurt Cobain hero-worship would have long reached its expiry date by now but it seems that there is still some mileage to be had in the dead grunge idol.

Fourteen years after his death Converse are releasing a collection of sneakers inspired by the Nirvana frontman. “Distressed in the way Kurt Cobain wore them, the shoes display his hopes, dreams and lyrics from amazing songs such as ‘Come As You Are,’ ” the press release reads.

[Source: Page Six]

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