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Flavor Flav still rocking the clock as he promotes Nite Tales

By admin on January 29th, 2009

flavor flav nite tales clock public enemy.jpg
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Flavor Flav strikes a kooky pose to promote his latest show ‘Nite Tales‘, which is billed as a horror extravaganza it’s a far cry from his days as Public Enemy’s flamboyant rapper.

I like his grills (nothing better for surprising noisy kids on the bus!) and he is still rocking the clock. I’m a little dismayed that this look never caught on, it’s a fine clock, with a grey rope and an ’80s dial. A little research (Wikipedia obvs!) throws up the stunningly poetic fact that Monsieur Flav wears the timepiece around his neck to remind people how precious time is. Heartwarming!

Everett Collection/Rex Features

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