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Black and Purple Rubber Player

By jsmith on June 30th, 2009


Nixon is a company in it’s relative infancy, in the world of time pieces there is more heritage and history than you can shake a stick at: Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Bvlgari, Omega all have elaborate back stories usually involving some other notable trade such as aviation or nautical navigation. Nixon makes up for it’s lack of heritage by coming up with contemporary, provocative and colourful designs, the voguish feel of these watches is achieved by using high quality modern materials until now rarely seen around the wrist. The popularity of the products Nixon has been putting out has made the jewellery elite sit up, take notice and put out their own products in less traditional materials, most noticeably Chanel’s J12 coming in both black and white ceramic, though while the others are treading water to keep up Nixon remains ahead of the pack pushing the boundaries and combining new designs with new materials.

The most famous of Nixon’s watches, The Player, is available in a multitude of materials including stainless steel, ceramic and now rubber, with a single jewel in the 6 O’clock position and many a colour to choose from including the brand new black and purple rubber The Player and Nixon keep going from strength to strength.

Nixon watches are ridiculous, over hyped and totally brash, they are the petulant teen playboy amongst the old money and that’s no bad thing to be. For your nearest Nixon dealer click here and jump through for more pics of the black and purple rubber Player.

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Nixon Dark wood watch: Perfect your lumberjack look

By admin on January 28th, 2008

There are some areas in life where people
like familiarity. Watch faces are probably one of those are. Whenever designers have tried
changing watch faces into something a bit more radical, it’s turned people off.

Nixon aim to change this trend with their dark
wood watch

With more than half the face covered in lumberjack-y
wood, the actual time is only peeking out the bottom.  Although it is quite a surly burly watch, you
do get the impression that it’s something John Wayne would have worn if he was
still alive. Or into fashion.

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