Make like Steve McQueen in a short-sleeved sweatshirt

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It may seem crazy to suggest wearing something as warm as a sweatshirt given the recent heat spell, but cooler days will come again, they will. Ever iconic, Steve McQueen popularised the short-sleeved sweatshirt in The Great Escape. Perfect for breezier days when you can stand a bit of arm chill but want to feel hugged, a short sleeved sweatshirt is a great item. Customise your own (Uniqlo sell quality, slim fitting versions) by cutting the sleeves off, or consider this more ‘finished’ version by Nom de Guerre from OkiNi. This is a macho look best worn with a throbbing motorcycle between your thighs. At least, wear with chunky boots and faded jeans.

Nom De Guerre go grey for spring

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While most spring/summer ranges embrace
bright colours, Nom De Guerre have
decided to go all neutral. Using a muted palette much more suited to winter, it’s
a look that works because it shouldn’t. Grey isn’t a colour you associate with spring
and because of this, the contrast would be all the more striking.