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Caviar print ties from Etsy

By admin on May 27th, 2008

toybreaker silk caviar tie bsd.jpg
Expressing yourself through the medium of a necktie is a dangerous thing. Thankfully Toybreaker’s screenprinted ties are million miles away from the novelty Winnie the Pooh/Simpsons/Taz/Whatever ties that you see reluctantly balding middle managers wearing on the tube into work.
The Caviar range depicts a smattering of your finest fish eggs over slim silk (but crucially, not skinny) ties. There are four colourways to choose from, Beluga, Salmon, Sturgeon and Wasabi Tobikko and colours have been Pantone-matched. Buy them now on Esty at the discounted rate of $75.

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WISHLIST: Goodie Two Sleeves T-shirts

By Will Reid on March 20th, 2008

Gt077m I know a guy who has a huge collection of novelty t-shirts. So often, I have been the victim of that ‘I’m With Stupid’ tee and it seems that every other day is chance for an airing of the Pac-Man castlist. However annoying, the t-shirts work as a great icebreaker and for some reason never lose their original wit. For this week’s sartorial desire, I went on a quest for one of these t-shirts and discovered a label called ‘Goodie Two Sleeves.’ With a great website, wide range of styles, witty logos and boys and girls collections- these tees would make brilliant presents and even better pick-me-ups (hint,hint any generous reader.) Compared to the usual Lanvin trainers and Mulberry baggage, this week’s WISHLIST item is also relatively cheap at around £10 for each t-shirt. Okay, I said relatively.

T-shirt, Goodie Two Sleeves, £11

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