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Pale and interesting: the Nudie denim jacket

By Colin Chapman on April 15th, 2009

Nudie_jean_jacket.jpgI’ve been searching for the ‘perfect’ denim jacket for a while now, and this one by Nudie at ASOS comes pretty close. Pale, and ‘vintage looking’ It’s also short on the waist (essential), fitted, and (crucially) has no side pockets, this ensures that it won’t go baggy over time at the sides, as you won’t be tempted to shove your hands in your pockets.

I plan to layer mine, with a cashmere knit and white T or a hoodie on chilly days, dressed up over a fitted shirt and tie, definitely mismatched with super-dark indigo jeans.

Whilst denim purists would have you rummaging in smelly warehouses for an original Lee Stormrider, I’d say make it simple with this beauty.

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Fit – The most important factor in clothing

By admin on May 14th, 2008

bigshirt.jpgYou know when you want to say something and someone else describes more eloquently than you ever could? That’s how I feel about Simon Crompton’s article on how fit is the most important factor in men’s style. If you haven’t read it for whatever reason, basically it states that too many male fashion followers put too much importance on brands and not enough on fit and design.

Having seen pictures on a fashion forum of someone squeezing their thighs into a pair of Nudie Thin Finns that were too short, this point can’t be overstated. It’s easy to get drawn to wearing a brand because of their prestige, but if you look like your borrowing clothes from somebody else it’s best to leave it on the shelf.

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Slim and Slouchy jeans. why?

By admin on January 16th, 2008

I don’t like to bitch, honestly. But why
does anyone make or buy slim
and slouchy jeans
? I guess they’re designed for people who have no business
looking in the slim jeans section but still persist on doing so, leaving them
looking like the fat one out of the overrated Joe
Lean and the Jing Jang Jong

To put it bluntly, skinny jeans are
designed to be worn in that manner. Its fine to give your crotch some breathing
space but wearing slim and slouchy jeans is pointless. The slovenliness of
wearing jeans in this manner will only make the rest of your outfit look worse
rather than pull it all together, like jeans should.

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Top Five: Jeans

By ShinyMedia on May 9th, 2007

Corpus_jeansJeans are serious business in menswear, wearing them for months at a time without washing, sanding, dry cleaning everything is fair game to achieve the perfect wear. Small brands like Corpus (left) get you kudos but big brands are often just as good. Among aficionados the best brands are A.P.C and Nudie, but Evisu and Levi’s also score big. If you can go for a month without washing your jeans you will do well to keep the colour and texture of raw denim. Washing your jeans in cold water will also preserve as will using a handwashing detergent for dark or coloured clothes.
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