Try this at home: Spray-painted Vans

vans pierre henri mattout victorinox era white spray.jpg

For his catwalk collection for Victorinox Pierre-Henri Mattout spent the morning spray-painting white Era Vans and they look HOT.
It’s not difficult to get the look, and it’s the perfect craft project for beginners. To try this out get your hands on some fabric spray paints and mask off the rubber sole with tape.

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adminTry this at home: Spray-painted Vans

Nylon February 2008-The Kills

If you read the titles of the latest Nylon cover; “London Calling,” “Get inspired by the coolest city in the World!” and “Brilliant British Beauty from the Queen to Kate Moss,” you would be forgiven for thinking this was just another ‘Cool Britannia’ issue where the rich and famous club kids, models and Skins extras give bullet-point answers to mediocre interviews and direct us on a wild goose chase that eventually leads to some dingy old club.

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Will ReidNylon February 2008-The Kills