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Style Safari – Retro Sunglasses guide

By Stefano on May 20th, 2013

With summer fast approaching (- or due to make an appearance any time now) your look is not complete without a set of shades. With so many different styles to choose from and plenty of good High Street versions at a fraction of the cost, some of the coolest ones right now have got to be retro inspired ones. Sunglasses have become iconic items in fashion terms, with certain styles becoming synonymous with particular famous people in history; From James Dean, Gregory Peck, to Roy Orbison and Karl Lagerfeld (- and not forgetting Tom Cruise in Top Gun, if we have to…) here’s our top 12 cool retro picks…

Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses £18

Picture 1 of 12
Picture 1 of 12

Jeepers Peepers black plastic flat brow frame sunglasses with silver pips. Top Man


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Oakley and The Macallan launch the ultimate (indestructible) Whisky Flask

By Stefano on March 4th, 2013

Now you might have thought that creating a whisky flask was a largely straightforward job. It is not though when you get high-end luxury whisky brand The Macallan and sports equipment specialist Oakley Inc together and get them to rewrite the flask design book.

The pair have been working together to hatch this – just called The Flask – which they claim is ‘the ultimate auxiliary tool for the aspiring single malt whisky aficionado which creates the definitive solution for the industrious and active gentleman.’And we think might just be a work of design genius.

From the release it sounds like The Macallan tasked Oakley with the job of coming up with the ultimate whisky flask – one that had a unique design, but would also include materials that enhanced the whisky’s subtle flavours and aromas.

It also had to be really really tough to withstand the pressures put on it during testing – see the ever so slightly bizarre video to see exactly what they put it through – not nice.

They did an amazing job too. Take the inner flask which is apparently made ‘laser welded and made of food grade steel is wrapped in carbon fibre composite as well as treated to an intensive passivation and electro-polishing procedure.’ Or the outer casing which sports ‘black anodized 5-axis machined aerospace grade Aluminium.’

There’s also ‘a rubberised bottom for non-skid grip to a small rectangular air vent on the side of the funnel to allow for ventilation.’

Even the The Flask’s cap is apparently ‘double sprung to allow for effortless drinking, so it maintains an appropriate distance from the mouthpiece when in use for optimum enjoyment and allows for smooth open and close action.’

I am not entirely sure what a lot of that means – but it sure sounds impressive…

All that and it can survive being dropped from a helicopter.

The only downside… It’ll cost you £600 to own one.

The Macallan are always doing interesting things – like this collaboration with Peter Blake from last year.


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