WISHLIST: Blend Swimshorts from Juju Brighton


I am going back to Mumbai mid-August and top of my WISHLIST are a pair of swimshorts. I would attempt trunks but don’t share David Gandy’s body (unfortunately) and want to be able to spend this summer without holding the stomach in and clenching the buttocks.

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Will ReidWISHLIST: Blend Swimshorts from Juju Brighton

A Bit of Fun: 80sTees.com


As part of Google Mail, you are constantly bombarded with adverts for whatever your e-mails are about. For me, that is largely fashion and therefore, I receive links to sites such as 80sTees.com. This online store proved to be pretty good; I wasted about half and hour going through the memorabilia.

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Will ReidA Bit of Fun: 80sTees.com