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These new Adidas track tops are more Elton John than Lion King

By Gerald Lynch on May 31st, 2012

Can you feel the love tonight for these new Adidas animal-themed track tops? We’re finding it a bit tough. Part of the Adidas Originals range which the brand are pushing heavily ahead of one of the busiest summer’s of sport in recent history, they’re emblazoned with animal prints relating to different sporting nations.

So, us Brits for instance get a red and white top with one of the three lions splashed over the front, while Germany’s equivalent has their eagle.

Is it just us, or are they a bit naff? They’re less patriotic than they are cast offs from Steve Irwin’s wardrobe. Watch it Adidas; you’re a few short steps away from “Three Wolf Moon” here.

Perhaps the prints look good when seen in real life, but there’s none of the retro subtlety that we usually associate with the line. To us they look like the sort of knock-off crap you’d find on a market stall.

Still, if you’re interested, you can click here to find out more.


David Beckham teams up with James Bond for Adidas Originals

By admin on April 28th, 2009

david beckham undefeated adidas.jpg

David Beckham is already promoting Adidas’ athletic and football ranges, and now he is chipping in with design too.

The football star has teamed up with cult sneaker expert James Bond on a range of menswear for Adidas Originals. Beckham is a known regular at Bond’s Undefeated store in Los Angeles and after a little matchmaking by Adidas, the two ended up working together. The collection take timeless sportswear styles and updates them with on-trend details and luxe fabrics like leather, silk, and cashmere. Similarly the footwear is an updated take on the classic Adidas models and the range also features accessories and thermal layers.



What would Run-DMC think?

By Jonathan Smith on November 21st, 2008


You cannae polish a turd and you cannae smarten a Superstar. Unfortunately that is exactly what Adidas Originals and Ronnie Fieg of David Z has tried to do with their “Black Tie” Project. The idea was to smarten up the classic Superstar and turn it into a black tie accessory in response to the recent trend in smarter dress, sadly it was a stupid idea to begin with and like most stupid ideas it has fallen flat on it’s arse with even an all black Superstar looking as appropriate with a suit as Ronnie Wood does with Ekaterina Ivanova- that’s right Ronnie, it may be legal but no one thinks it’s cool.

I have no doubt that these trainers will sell, whether you see anyone other than the three chumps in Jared Ryder’s photos wearing them with a suit is another matter entirely- for one thing try explaining to a doorman why you’re wearing Adidas with your Armani; “Not tonight lads.”

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Adidas Originals D-Nizza, re-made eco style

By admin on April 28th, 2008

adidas d_nizz.jpgNow that many of the classic Adidas styles are back in vogue, the label has chosen to re-release them in its Originals range. But going back has not stopped the company looking forward, as the retro items are being made with environmentally conscious materials.

The Adidas D-Nizza (pictured) is produced in conjunction with the WWF and is supporting the WWF’s One Planet Living – an initiative to help us live within the natural resources of the world. It’s made purely from natural materials and sold in recycled packaging, but keeps all the authentic vintage/70s detailing. Available in khaki only, the track top retails for £60.

[Via Retro To Go]


Clarks Originals Re Heat shoe

By ShinyMedia on April 23rd, 2007


I love Clarks Originals, I may hate pie-crust shoes more than anything but some of their less copied styles are lovely. These shoes feature an all-important punched leather part which is very trendy at the moment, but more importantly keeps you cool. The Re heat name might be a reference to the crepe sole, which can easily rejuvenated by heating in a oven, but please don’t take my word for it. They come in easily dirtied greige suede but see after the jump for a slightly more wearable "mackerel" suede and white leather combo.

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