5 reasons to put the new 2012 Apple iMac at the top of your Christmas list

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Hoping to bag a new computer this Christmas? If you put style and functionality on equal footing when it comes to picking your gadgetry, you’ll be looking to pop one of Apple’s new 2012 iMac models at the top of your wishlist.  Though many feared the futuristic-looking new machines wouldn’t hit stores in time for the holidays, Apple today confirmed …

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MacBook Pro with Retina Display: Apple’s most stylish computer yet?

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Apple are calling it “the most beautiful computer we’ve ever made”, and “a whole new vision for the notebook.” And they’d be right. Super-slim and super-powerful, Apple’s new MacBook is catwalk-thin and man-bag ready, letting you get some serious work done thanks to high-spec internals without having to let your inner geek crack through your chic exterior. Apple mean business …

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