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More from L.A Gear

By Jonathan Smith on September 2nd, 2008


This morning we heard of L.A Gear’s return, and now I can bring you more information including an interview with the girls who brought the company back from the grave, all courtesy of those bloody helpful chaps and chapettes over at Sneaker Freaker!

L.A Gear has teamed with Patta and Club Zonder Filter to bring you the ostentatious Fireball, pictured above. Loud and proud the Fireball has many details that will appeal to the lady sneaker freak, although there is no news on a release of a guys version I’m sure if you cut off the bow on the heel no one will ever know!

Check out the interview with Kristel and Josine and further information on L.A Gear here, also check out the L.A Gear website here, it unfortunately doesn’t yet have a product catalogue, though by the looks of things there is one on the way with releases for both mens and ladies.

[Image: Sneaker Freaker]

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L.A Gear are back from the abyss

By Jonathan Smith on September 2nd, 2008

La-Gear-X-Patta-Party-1.jpgL.A Gear are back! “Hurrah!” I hear you cry, and you would be right to because L.A Gear are a cheer worthy brand. Harking from the same era as the Reebok Pump – one of the greatest trainers of all time – in an age when it wasn’t enough for trainers to be comfortable and look good, they had to have some other way to interact with such as a pump or lighting system. Judging by the success of the relaunch of the Reebok Pumps these should sell well and be highly sought after by sneaker freaks.

The trainer will be available at Patta from September 13th.

[Info from sneaker freaker.]

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