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Paul Smith Socks – everybody needs the essentials

By admin on February 1st, 2008

Don’t underestimate the power of socks.
Okay, it’s not like they can put you in a chokehold or anything – but they can
ruin a perfectly put together outfit. Match your Nike running socks with a pair
of shoes and you’ll look like you get style tips from Larry David, regardless
of well dressed you are. Put it this way; if you have a brown pair of shoes,
you need these Paul
Smith socks

The best thing about the sales is the
amount of essentials you can get for Topman prices. These fine cotton socks are
available at £8, 50% off the previous price. Make sure to stock up on enough
sale essentials to get you through the next couple of seasons and then repeat
the same routine this time next year.

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Paul Smith laptop case

By admin on January 3rd, 2008

Abslcmdpsrv_largeOh Sir Paul, you don’t disappoint do you? With this laptop case, you’re really spoiling us.
Designing those stripes back in day was an absolute stroke of genius. So simple, so beautiful, instantly recognisable and stylish. And, they go on anything and instantly make it look brilliant.
If you got a laptop for Christmas., lucky you! But what’s a laptop without a snazzy case though? It’s little more than a fancy toy. Will the right case however, its sophisiticated, it’s sharp, it’s now now now.
This is the right case. Get it from Wejetset.

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Uniqlo Cashmere Scarves for £20!

By admin on December 20th, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested a Paul Smith cashmere
as a Christmas gift. If you bought it, return it now! Right now! Why are
you still reading this and not returning that scarf?

If you didn’t buy it, but still want
cashmere round your neck then you’re in luck. Uniqlo have just released a range
of Cashmere
costing just £20. In my disbelief, I went to one of the flagship
stores and lo and behold, there it was. £20 cashmere scarves. They feel the
same as the Paul Smith and manage to be £80 cheaper. As a point of comparison,
Y-3 were trying to sell some awful branded wool scarves for £110 and H&M ‘luxury’
scarves cost £20.

Before you start, I know this is another
women’s item but who cares about gender with scarves anyway?


Paul Smith Broots – No, that isn’t a typo!

By admin on December 14th, 2007

High boots can be scary for the newcomer.
Who’s to say you won’t just look like a soldier who’s lost the rest of his
uniform? Most designers have been thinking up a happy medium between boots and
brogues – I think they should be called ‘Broots’ – and Paul Smith is one such

These Paul
Smith broots
(if I type it enough, it’ll catch on) are perfect for those
who’d like a pair of broots before they move on to a pair of boots. They’re not
a cheap investment though, costing £220 and only going up to size 11.

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Paul Smith brogues

By Isabelle on April 26th, 2007


Mmm I love brogues,  I own five pairs of brogue or brogue-inspired shoes, they’re the business. Church’s, Loake and John Lobb all make fabulous traditional brogues but if you’re going down the designer route Paul Smith is your man. These shoes have been aged using a dip dye method, but if you want to achieve the same effect on a pair of standard brogues simply polish with a shoe cream or polish a shade darker than the shoe. These hand crafted brogues will set you back £229.99, but with the love of a good cobbler they need never wear out.


Paul Smith brogue detail pumps

By Isabelle on April 13th, 2007


I think I’ve fallen in love. These Paul Smith summer pumps combine brogue detailing with summery denim and colourful eyelets; although he had me at the brogue detailing. A great casual shoe for summer that will smarten up the simplest outfit and are fairly reasonable at £80. I’m not sure you get away with wearing jeans with these, you might run the risk of looking like a denim dream! Just as well they also come in plain white canvas.

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