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Topman’s White Tee project with Philip Lim, JW Anderson and Henry Holland

By admin on April 3rd, 2009

Exciting news this afternoon as we’ve just received word of a Topman project called We ♡ the White Tee.

With a roster of designers which includes big names Henry Holland, Philip Lim, as well as Richard Chai, Juun J Topman are really keeping on their toes as far as getting new design talent in is concerned. They’ve also got LFW MAN designers JW Anderson and Christopher Shannon in on the act as well as the Topman Design team so we’re looking forward to seeing it when it hits stores on May 28th.

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Mlutch obliged: would you carry a clutch bag?

By admin on February 10th, 2009

mlutch man clutch bag mulberry philip lim faith.jpg
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How could we have missed the boat on this one? We heralded the age of the ‘medge’ aka the male wedge and we all witnessed the explosion of guyliner, manscara and what have you but somehow the ‘mlutch’ evaded us.

Charlie Porter
‘s been gadding about town sporting the BOT (Bang On Trend) accessory but everybody knows that the trend started with Kel Knight of Kath and Kim fame and his manpurse, a vision in grey leather. I’ve picked out a few women’s clutches that you could happily pass off as a mlutch, jump through to find out more.

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Philip Lim at New York Fashion Week

By admin on February 8th, 2008


Men’s fashion weeks are a fairly new thing, but already it seems weird to see men’s and womenswear on the same catwalk, and I think the menswear suffers for it.
A case in point is the aforementioned Philip Lim. When you look at the luscious fabrics, the dramatic silhouettes and the intricate detailing that he’s lavished on the female form in his current collection, and then compare it to the classic unadorned practical shapes in which he’s clothed his male models, you can’t help feeling men are getting a bit of a raw deal.

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Philip Lim for Birkenstock

By admin on February 4th, 2008


The jury’s still out for me as far as Philip Lim is concerned. It looks like nice stuff but it’s very much in the American minimalist tradition which I find really tedious and somewhat lacking in edge. It’s the kind of stuff which depends on a masterful cut and sumptuous fabrics to really work – and with no UK stockists for Philip Lim (as far as I know) I’ve not seen any of it up close, so I couldn’t comment on whether this is the case.

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