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21 of the best gadgets for under £200

By Stefano on November 23rd, 2012

We talked to the gadget experts at TechDigest and Shiny Shiny as well as a few of our techy chums on Facebook and Twitter and have puled together what we think is the ultimate list of gadgets for under £200. All are on sale in the UK at the moment.

There’s no phones included, but we have plenty of tablets, gadget, audio stuff and cameras. There are also a few very cheap stocking fillers too and the brilliant gloves that control your smartphone wirelessly.

Have fun looking through them

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Blue Yeti USB Microphone £129

Picture 1 of 21
Picture 1 of 21

It has been around for a few years now, but if you ever need to record anything this stylish mic is the one to plump for. It is a great performer and very versatile with it. Works with Skype too.


Blue Yeti 

Bluetooth Gloves

Canon Powershot

Crosley Hunter



Fitbit One




Amazon Kindle







USB snake



Dr Dre Beats


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Review: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

By Laura on January 1st, 2012

Philips recently released The Sonicare DiamondClean, a £250 toothbrush, but is it worth it? Read on to find out.

The Sonicare DiamondClean is probably one of the most techy toothbrushes I have ever come across, its packed with teeth cleaning features and even looks good.

The bush has a long oblong handle that features a power/mode select button and an illuminated display to indicate which of the brush’s five cleaning modes you’re currently using, in addition to battery charge levels. The five cleaning modes are designed to target specific areas of your mouth, allowing you to specialize your brushing with settings such as gum care or the whitening mode. Th brush has been clinically proven to remove up to four times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, increase gum health in only two weeks and whiten your teeth in as little as one! In addition it has an impressive rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which is good for 3 weeks of regular usage from a single overnight charge.

Tech aside, the DiamondClean looks great on your bathroom shelf. The brush comes with an eye-catching silver travel case and a nicely cut glass tumbler with a silver base unit that it rests in all while wirelessly charging.

Using an inductive charging system similar to that found in Powermat chargers, simply placing the brush into the glass resting on the base unit (with the base unit plugged into a wall socket) charges the DiamondClean. With the green-lined travel case, it’s a similar principle, lying the toothbrush down inside rather than standing it up, and connecting the case via a USB connection on a PC or laptop to charge the brush. A useful feature for those who travel a lot.

After only one use of the DiamondClean I was a fan. My teeth as clean as they do after a visit to the dentist. For those not use to using an electric toothbrush Philips have cleverly designed the brush to ramp up the intensity of the cleaning cycle progressively after your first few brushes, letting you get used to the brush gradually. While testing out the brush I generally stuck to the default “Clean” setting. In this mode the DiamondClean uses a 2 minute “Smartimer”, automatically switching off after you’ve brushed for the recommended 120 seconds. In addition it will stop the motor for a split-second at 30 second intervals to help you better judge when to move onto a new area in your mouth. It’s a great way of making sure you’ve done a thorough job. After only a few weeks of using the brush I noticed my teeth look notably whiter and my mouth felt fresh.

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How to iron a shirt

By Laura on December 31st, 2011

From the classroom to the boardroom, the humble shirt has been your go-to garment for years and now gentlemen, the time has come to show it a little respect. So raise it forth from the depths of your wardrobe, free it from that sad wire hanger, and get ready to stand proud in a shirt fit for the finest of modern men.

As with any good relationship; look after your shirt and it will look after you. Think about it; George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, David Gandy – all perfectly turned out at any given occasion, and all with beautiful women on their arms. The obvious conclusion? Women love a well ironed shirt.

“But what about me?!” we hear you cry, fumbling to pull close your jacket over that crumpled excuse for an outfit. Well fear not, for we’ve teamed with Philips to bring you some top ironing tips… and no hanging your shirt in the shower “to steam it’ is not on the list!

Philips recently released the Man Iron to help those of us who are a bit more domestically challenged. This near-indestructible, sports-car inspired iron packs 2400W, a scratchproof soleplate and advanced steam technology, which should be enough to meet the requirements of any modern man. So for perfect shirts every time follow these five tips:

1) Cotton on to quality:
To look your best you need to wear your best. Choose a cotton shirt and avoid easy-iron fabrics – they are made with plastic so don’t look as fresh.

2) Heat it up:
Chose the right setting for your iron. For cotton shirts, chose a high heat and use steam to power out any stubborn creases. When it comes to removing folds, steam is the dream. The new Philips Man Iron delivers 100g punch of steam to bulldoze through even the toughest creases, leaving you to spend your time looking wholesomely debonair.

3) Get hot under the collar:
Start with the double thickness areas; the collar and the cuffs and iron from the centre
outwards. As the toughest parts, they’ll keep their shape and won’t crease while you work on the rest of the shirt. An iron with a slimmer tip will make it easier to ironing collars, cuffs and other harder-to-reach parts of the shirt.

4) Sleeve-sy does it:
Iron the sleeves next, as they can hang loose when you move onto the body – again preventing creases. Once they’re done, flip the shirt over and iron the back but be careful to avoid the buttons as they can leave button prints on the back of the shirt. Finish with the front of the shirt making sure that every last crease is out.

5) Hang and admire:
Like a fine piece of art, your shirt deserves to be hung properly. Ditch the wire hangers and find a sturdy wooden hanger. Not only will your shirts hang better on them and keep their shape for longer, but your wardrobe will look like that of a true gent. Win win.

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