BarkCam helps you take better pictures of your dog

Anyone who’s ever tried to take a picture of a dog (or any household pet for that matter) will know that it isn’t as easy as you might think. They fidget, look around, and never quite stay in the adorable pose you want to capture. BarkCam helps change that, so that your dog’s attention stays focussed on you when you …

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Tom PritchardBarkCam helps you take better pictures of your dog

SHOE PORN: Herring Shoes Carnaby brogues

 We cant get enough of a good pair of shoes here at Brandish, so today we’re introducing an occasional new feature called SHOE PORN, where we binge and indulge on one of our favourite pairs. Kicking things off in fine fashion is Herring Shoes’ Carnaby brogue. A full (wingtip) brogue on the 386 last, it’s made of gorgeously detailed tan calf …

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Gerald LynchSHOE PORN: Herring Shoes Carnaby brogues

Bill Cunningham New York: the original street style photographer

Bill Cunningham, the 81 year old New York Times photographer is arguably the greatest contemporary street photographer. For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirées for the Times Style section in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours.” Documenting uptown fixtures (Wintour, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller—who …

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LauraBill Cunningham New York: the original street style photographer – your source of vapid voyeurism

is ex musician turned socialite photographer Merlin Bronques photo-blog documenting New York’s hottest parties and people. His victims are always well dressed, usually drunk and sometimes topless and as a result the collection of photos provide a snap shot of fashion in motion… whatever that means. The images are far more accessible than that of fashion photography and give insight into the trends currently being peddled across the pond in NYC- a far more useful tool than any forecast.

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Jonathan – your source of vapid voyeurism

Vues Privées: Hedi Slimane and Yves Saint Laurent


Hedi Slimane‘s recentish move from saviour of menswear to fulltime photographer wasn’t that surprising given his projects photographing rock royalty such as Mr Doherty and the teenage milieu surrrounding him. Whatever we may have lost (at least for now) in fashion design there’s no danger in us losing out on his perceptive vision.

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Colin ChapmanVues Privées: Hedi Slimane and Yves Saint Laurent

Give the gift of inspiration: Steve McQueen by William Claxton

Thumbnail image for steve_mcqueen_claxton.jpg

Whether you’re still shopping for gifts or have given up on largesse and want something to peruse on these (still many more) cold winter nights, Taschen’s book of William Claxton‘s classic photos of Steve McQueen, republished in October this year, is a beautiful, inspiring thing.

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Colin ChapmanGive the gift of inspiration: Steve McQueen by William Claxton

Ellen Stagg x Mishka just won’t be out done


Hot on the heels of yesterdays Terry Richardson x Supreme post comes news of the Ellen Stagg x Mishka 2009 calendar and t-shirt, proving once more that these photographer/clothing company collabs just won’t be out done by one another. This collab is slightly more promising however with a calendar AND t-shirt to choose from. “WOW” I hear you cry, and WOW would be right because this calender is full of tits and bums, typical of Stagg’s provocative style of scantily clad photography.

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Jonathan SmithEllen Stagg x Mishka just won’t be out done

What I Saw Today’s pared down fashion sketches


This is a guy going by the name of Designerman, similar to the Sartoialist but at the same time oh so different. The difference comes in that where the Sartorialist is armed with a camera, Designerman is armed simply with some pencils and a sheet of sketch paper. His blog is filled with some really cool sketches of people wearing some really cool clothes, or perhaps just some pants. Though obviously less detailed than photographs these sketches give you the essence of a look, which is a lot more adaptable and easier to taylor to your own image, also they give you a crazy post modern backwards view into the process of fashion design: from sketch to garment and back to sketch again… ooooooh post modern and stuffff…

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Jonathan SmithWhat I Saw Today’s pared down fashion sketches

A1 Bassline


A1 Bassline, you know him right? No? You know- the new face of Bassline House? Seriously? Not even Bassline House? OK well let me start at the beginning- Bassline House, a genre of music which is finally having its day in the sun after having putting in more than its fair term in the clubs of Sheffield and the North West. Older than Garage but (until now) less popular than Gary Glitter the genre is now getting the recognition it deserves and who is the (masked) young face leading the music revolution? None other than our Essex boy A1 Bassline!

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Jonathan SmithA1 Bassline

Mishka-Kern available at caliroots


Photographer (of naked women) Richard Kern has teamed up with clothing label Mishka and printed some of Kern’s favorite photographs onto t-shirts. These t-shirts represent some of Kern’s best work but even if you’re not a massive fan of Kern then this is the perfect opportunity to simply display naked women about your person, which is always a winner.

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Jonathan SmithMishka-Kern available at caliroots