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POTB: Backyard Bill, Style Details and Rain Capes

By admin on April 17th, 2009

backyard bill.jpg

Steve is lusting after some capes to cosy up in the rain. [Style Salvage]
Oh goodness, a site which is like The Selby but for clothes? Excuse me for three hours. [A Continuous Lean]
A simple change of buttons dramatically alters a high street cardigan. [Le Vrai Winston]
Red laces take us into Urban Hiker territory. [The Sunday Best]
The Correspondent jacket: look like an old-school journalist. [Uncrate]

pick of the blogs

Pick of the Blogs: waistcoats, craft and Grand Central Oyster Bar

By admin on December 5th, 2008

brandish grand central oyster bar new york.jpg
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Even if you can’t offer you handy, crafty, tipster services have a look at the video on Sunday Best, it features singing, montages and a nifty ye olde effect. For those who can, roll up your shirtsleeves and send in a contribution, it’s the perfect Christmas holiday project [The Sunday Best]

We go on about waistcoats so much I thought it was only fair to link to this comprehensive backstory on the silk and wool garment [Permanent Style]
I pity anyone going home for Christmas, shenanigans in a hometown pub AIN’T my idea of fun [NYLON FOR GUYS]
Time for a return trip back to New York, the Grand Central Oyster Bar (pictured) beckons [A Continuous Lean]

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Pick of the Blogs: socks, comics and Mr Potato head

By admin on August 29th, 2008

dahlia print umbrella.jpgSeptember looming means it’s socks time again and don’t think that those faux Nike ‘Hike’ sports socks your dad bought from Wembley market will cut it. Oh, is that just me? [Style Salvage]
I could happily see a lot more of this comic, bring it on! [The Sunday Best]
I had never thought there could be such a thing as a perfect umbrella until I saw these ones. [Daily Danny]
In typical non PC-style Ian is telling you NOT to spend $101.95 on a Mr Potato Head keyring. Wise words. [Calculatus Eliminatus]

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Pick of the Blogs: purple suede moccasins, fish shoes and Jeff Buckley

By admin on August 8th, 2008

tretorn fish pump jimyo t-shirt fund heavy pick of the blogs.jpg
Purple moccasins are where it’s at, no seriously. Actually I totally see what Bon Vivant means. [SavoirVivre]
Jeff Buckley is such an great style icon for this season, why didn’t I think of it first?! No go and listen to Grace. [Style Salvage]
Fund the design, get Jimyo’s t-shirt. Simple as that. [Hide Your Arms]
The fish print on Tretorn’s pumps is so beautiful it almost brings tears to my eyes. Almost! That’s just a er… A dusty eyelash in my contact lens. [Nylon for Guys]

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Pick of the Blogs: Carla Bruni’s boots, shorts and afro hats

By admin on August 1st, 2008

pikc of the blogs afro hat carla bruni vanity fair nike.jpgUncrate have unearthed what is probably the manliest gym shirt ever. [Uncrate]
The shorts debate rages on the internet with everyone from the New York Times to er, us voicing their opinions; Kempt give us their tuppence worth. [Kempt]
A hairstyle that doubles up as a hat? It must be Friday. [Style Salvage]
Bryan Boy is emulating Carla Bruni’s equestrian Vanity Fair look [Bryan Boy]

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Pick of the Blogs: Buttons, Ties and TV Dads

By admin on June 19th, 2008

deryck walker fashion 156.jpg
I have to confess I have never though about buttons in this much detail, but now the possibilites are endless. [Sunday Best]
Steve check out the menswear offerings from fashion156′s charity fashion collaboration [Style Salvage]
Who knew ties would cause such controversy? [Kempt]
I know Father’s Day has been and gone, but I couldn’t let The All Time Best (and Worst) TV Dads slip by unnoticed. [Art of Manliness]
Mancandles? I’m being flippant but the soy-wax candles in masculine scents sound really appealing [Uncrate]


Brandish Pick of the Blogs

By ShinyMedia on January 23rd, 2008

Pui-Tien Man writes…

This week, we’ve got men’s style covered from
head to toe… and, apparently, inside-out too. Paris has thrown up everything
from the sublime Ute Ploier’s ribcage-scarf (pictured, left) to Prada’s… interesting F/W
collection, featuring crop-tops and frilled miniskirts over shiny
. Has the
androgynous trend really crossed the gender divide?

Slick suits reign supreme on the catwalks, but for the modern urbanite, A Suitable Wardrobe looks for more suitable solutions for smart
travel wear

Refinery29 puts a Spring in their step with a roundup of
next season’s coolest new footwear, while Men’s Flair
belts up for a review of their favourite smart basic accessories.

But if the holiday
season has left you out of pocket, look to your own cupboard: Style Salvage has been doing some salvaging of his own in his wardrobe, and unearthed some
treasures. Dig deep!

Heroes and Celebrities, Top Five, Watches

Pick of the blogs

By ShinyMedia on January 4th, 2008

Sanyetta Baptiste writes:


Off the Cuff and Iluwfashion encourages men to ‘watch’ the trends this year with some great watch suggestions.   
A Suitable Wardrobe reflects Fred Astaire shiny chic. Who said patent leather oxfords and button down cardigans were passé? Whether updating those black jazz shoes with Refinery29′s suggested and-I’s lounge wear or a traditional country club cardigan, formal footwear deserves a place in every man’s closet.   
For those gearcravers who still are not convinced of the versatility of the cardigan, how about a Burton Mark XIII Fortress jacket?  Completely waterproof and insulated, it’s perfect for singing in the rain.
Manolo for the Men takes a look at the oddball style in the new Tom Hanks film Charlie Wilson’s War.

Top Five

Pick of the Blogs

By ShinyMedia on December 27th, 2007


Relieve the post-Christmas boredom in a more constructive manner than hourly updating your Facebook status, Brandish has the pick of the blogs:
Style Salvage has got the sales covered, from b Store to H&M they’ve got the best tips for getting a bargain. Should you find yourself in Vancouver Demicouture have some great sale tips.
If that wasn’t enough encouragement to go out shopping share Carrying Contraption’s pain at missing out on a sale bargain.
I’m loving the grey and green combo on A Suitable Wardrobe, definitely something to try in the new year. Grey flannel has never looked so fresh and opstimistic.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Finland is UFF, that’s why those Finns look so damn stylish. Don’t believe me? Check out Pour Homme’s Pakek.
Present-wise, if you weren’t so lucky this year Refinery29 have got a rundown of their top 20 albums of 2007. Two of my favourites of the year, Electrelane and Of Montreal made onto the list so I’m off to listen to the rest!

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