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Designer Spotlight, Footwear

Brand profile: Common Projects

By admin on August 22nd, 2008

Common Projects are the latest brand to fulfil my current fetish for plain trainers. We’ve featured a pair of their trainers before, but it’s only fair to give the whole brand the once over. Common Projects is the brainchild of Prathan Poopat, former art director for V and Visionaire magazine, and Flavio Girolami, a consultant for several Italian brands.

Their outlook towards the footwear and marketing is one of minimalism as they avoid advertising or complicating their designs. This allows their trainers a timeless appeal which allows them to look regardless of what time of year it is. If you want your trainers to simply complete your outfit instead being the best part of it, Common Projects are the way to go. You can get some of their new range on Oki-Ni, with prices starting from £159.

Designer Spotlight, Footwear

Brand Profile: The Generic Man

By admin on August 12th, 2008

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Generic Man are a brand who believe in the no logo approach to clothing. So much so that they’ve created a whole new term to describe the person who’s interested in clothes without logos. That term is ‘newdult’.

According to the Brandon Day and Kevin Carney, the creators of Generic Man, “The generic man doesn’t need branding and logos to make him feel confident or stylish. He understands the significance of quality construction and clean, simple, refined lines. The generic man is confident enough in himself to accept simplicity.”

Regardless of whether you like the term ‘newdult’ or not, The Generic Man have created a wearable collection that can easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe.

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