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Brandish Poll: Do you Dare? Bum-Bags!

By Will Reid on March 3rd, 2009

n684944737_1400897_1301033.jpgAt a disco the other night, the theme was ‘City vs. Country’ and stuck for ideas, a friend and I decided to go as tacky tourists. Cue vintage novelty braces, high-waisted denim shorts and charity shop shirts.

My charity shop bum-bag has been the focus of much attention. While it was only a joke item, a few friends have since been talking about it and I wonder if it could be worked into an actual outfit.

Outside of an outrageously-themed disco, I think I will wear the accessory when I go to India in March with cartoon-print Harem trousers, white plimsolls, a plain white vest and vintage sunglasses (at right.) Practical and high-fashion!

Yay or Nay?

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Let’s play Hipster Bingo!

By admin on October 27th, 2008

hipster bingo.jpg
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Here’s a bit of fun for you this Monday, print off the Hipster Bingo picture, go find your nearest coffeeshop or pub with a big window and start trendspotting. Of course, you might want to tweak it a little for UK-hipsters. I’d start by swapping the old-school Pumas for white PE plimsolls, what would you change?



Victoria Plimsolls

By admin on April 29th, 2008

plimsolls.jpgYou know when you kinda like something, but just not enough to buy it? That’s how I feel about boat shoes. Not that they’re not great – and I’m not just saying this to avoid any unnecessary attacks on the blessed colour purple – It’s just that I prefer trainers that look similar to boat shoes over actual boat shoes. Like these Victoria plimsolls.

They’ve got everything I like about boat shoes – they’re navy, low cut and would allow your ankle to breathe during the hot summer – and they have the added bonus of not taking on all the quirks of the boat shoe. Oh, and they cost a grand total of £18, as they’re on sale. If you shop like a man, then this would mean a lot to you.


Lacoste Rene plimsolls in Offspring

By admin on April 24th, 2008

lacosterene.jpgFor some reason the majority of my footwear posts center around bright, garish colourways, and this one isn’t any different.

I was in Offspring this afternoon and noticed Lacoste had released their S/S08 ‘Rene’ plimsoll range. Complementing the colourful troop of models that went down the runway in Lacoste’s 75th anniversary celebrating spring/summer show last year, there are enough shades (purple, blue, orange, black, yellow green and probably more) to complement anything in your wardrobe.

The Rene is a classic heritage tennis shoe, but at £50, a trip to Brick Lane for a pair of plims at a tenth of the price and a bottle of Dylon might be a more enticing prospect.

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