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Dare you rock a Rugby shirt?

By jsmith on June 25th, 2009


Sportswear can be tough to get right; football shirts are out of the question, they immediately deny you access to all but the diviest of drinking holes. Tennis gear is kinda cack other than the immortal Fred Perry, plus it aligns you with the Wimbledon crowd “Come on Tim..!” No thanks. You can’t wear a basket ball vest if you’re white and you can’t wear most golf clobber if you’re black or white or under 50.

Rugby shirts you can work with. Underestimated in a fashion sense despite having a heritage along the same lines as the currently hot as shit polo shirts, with long sleeves and a sturdy collar a nice rugby could easily and stylishly replace a sweater on these summer evenings. Quality is not an issue, these shirts being made to take a knock or two and you can also be sure that you’re wearing something with a little more history than your H&M hoody. With many a brand putting their personal touch to the classic English rugby shirt and plenty of local, national and international teams producing classic rugbys you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a colour to go with your denims and boots.

The polo is dead, long live the rugby! Check out a few nice examples from the gamut of rugby colourways at Crew Clothing and Nautica but there are a million other places you can pick up an interesting, new and off the wall rugger!

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Yay or Nay: Designer Devotees

By Will Reid on February 12th, 2009

Men.Style have just posted this hilarious video of self-confessed ‘Lo-Head’ rapper, 88-Keys. Don’t panic- I too had absolutely no idea what a ‘Lo-Head’ was but all is revealed and it turns out that this term is colloquial for someone who is obsessed with the Ralph Lauren Polo clothing.

What do you think of these label loons. Do you go ga-ga for Gucci? Are you bonkers for Bottega? Vote Yay or Nay after the jump.

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Topman half price sale

By admin on March 27th, 2008

topman sale picks short bag polo.jpg
Topman have a half price sale on so now’s the time to nab yourself some summer bargains. Their check shirt we featured as part of our Chris Taylor madras shirt picks is down to £18 and the geo print polo shirt will perk up your wardrobe in no time. £45 for a suede holdall is a bargain, and it’s great to have a bright red accessory. Finally, I couldn’t let a day pass without mentioning short shorts could I? Product links after the jump.

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Raf Simons and Fred Perry

By admin on February 12th, 2008

RafHot on the heels of the Comme Des Garçons collaboration, Fred Perry are now pairing up with Jil Sander head honcho and King of sub-cultural style, Raf Simons. This adds another line to Simons’s bulging portfolio – along with Jil Simons he designs his own name label and Raf for Raf Simons and a line of backpacks for Eastpack.
Fred Perry were looking to broaden their product range from “a few star polo shirts” which CDG “weren’t on board for” according to the Fred Perry spokesman. Oo-er, that sounds a bit snarky.
The range will be available this Autumn. It will include polos, sweaters and trousers all in black with different coloured logos. Very understated.
[via DNR]


McQ stripy polo

By Isabelle on May 3rd, 2007

Red and white always look good, this stripy polo top from Alexander McQueen’s diffusion range McQ features built-in red braces with matching white buttons. It’s made in Italy and looks quite macho/retro in a  old-fashioned kitsch sort of way. Available from posh site e-luxury for $368 it will add pizazz to a smart office outfit or you could take it to the ’50s with some dark jeans and motorcycle boots. Packet of fags tucked in sleeve optional.



M&S Real Cool cotton tee

By ShinyMedia on May 2nd, 2007

We’re all a bit excited at Shiny Towers as someone in the office has gone on an ice cream run, but if you’re not lucky enough to work with caring colleagues them you’ll have to find other ways to keep cool. Marks and Spencer have apparently got some RealCool Cotton™ technology in their polos that will stop the sweat. I like it in stripy white and grey: it looks pretty sharp and will suit casual and work equally. It also only costs a bargainous £15, so you can buy yourself an ice cream even if the stingy gits wont!

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