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Style – Men’s Polo Shirts on a budget

By Stefano on June 6th, 2013

Round about now I go on a mad search in my wardrobe for my collection of Fred Perry’s. When that search proves fruitless I normally treat myself to a polo shirt or two, one from here or here and another cheapo from a High Street store.

If that’s you cunning plan too, here is a round up of some of the best High Street polos.

Banana Republic Micro-Stripe Sweater Polo £40

Picture 8 of 8
Picture 8 of 8

Relaxed polo collar with short sleeves and buttoned placket. 45% Silk, 35% Linen, 20% Cotton. Banana Republic

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Style: John Smedley adds classic cotton polo shirts to its sale site

By Stefano on February 18th, 2013


I read Robert Elms’ marvellous book The Way We Wore last week. If you haven’t read it it is a fascinating, and very personal dissection of British youth cults and the clothes that were associated with them, throughout the 70s and 80s.

It descends into a quagmire of narcissism towards the end as Elms seems to spend his life chasing after stupidly expensive, and quite possibly awful, 80s Japanese suits.

Nevertheless he does take the mickey out of himself a bit so I can forgive him a great deal (not this though).

Anyhow Elms says in the book that when it comes to knitwear there is only one brand and that’s Derbyshire’s finest John Smedley. And I couldn’t agree more.

Well the brand also does a very striking line in cotton polo shirts – the sort of thing that Sean Connery wore inn the early Bonds when he needed a spot of causal.

Anyhow this shirt named the Mercer, looks great, and very Spring-like in light blue. It is also available in navy, black and peacock blue in limited stocks. They are priced at £54 down from £99. You will need to sign in to see them though.

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Fred Perry Winter sale kicks off

By Stefano on December 20th, 2012

Heritage brand Fred Perry has had a really good year courtesy of some high profile tie-ups.

If you fancy one of their polo shirts, or anything else for that matter, now is a very good time as the company has just started its winter sale.

Pictured is the £45 (down from £55) Slim Fit Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt, which has the company’s trademark twin tipping which runs across a slightly smaller collar and each cuff. It is also a slimmer fit and available in a variety of colours.

There are also stripey polo shirts, long sleeve polo shirts, check shirts T shirts and this rather striking £94.95 Fairisle lambswool jumper. Most are discounted by around 10-25%.

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SUMMER STYLE: The Kooples Sport Polo Shirts

By Gerald Lynch on April 18th, 2012

Sure, so we’re still in the doldrums of April showers, but the summer sunshine is surely just around the corner now, so it’s time to whack out your pasty forearms and dive into some short sleeve tops.

Comfy yet flexible enough to work in both formal and casual occasions, men’s staple the polo shirt is a must-have in any wardrobe. Leading the charge in the cut this summer are French brand The Kooples, whose new Sport range has a superb selection of polo shirts in all manner of styles and shades to suit practically all tastes.

From primary colours to pastels, short sleeves to long, ribbed colours to embroidered trims, The Kooples have probably the best range of polos from any brand this year we’ve seen so far, and are doing well to push their wares.

Indeed, their pumping plenty of cash into the marketing campaign for the range, enlisting ex-Manchester United madman and sometime-actor Eric Cantona and his wife Rachida (pictured top). As pretty much the most recognisable French sports personality on UK shores (aside perhaps from Thierry Henry and his va-va-voom) they’ve got the campaign pitched pretty much spot on in our opinion.

If we were to pick one stand-out item, we’d go for the red “Very light cotton pique polo” with white colour. We can see Cantona knocking a few past Peter Schmeichel on the training ground wearing that one!

Prices start at £80 and go up to £120 for long-sleeved polos.

Click here for more info.

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Ralph Lauren polo shirts – They’re not just for Chavs anymore

By admin on February 8th, 2008

The thing about brands is that different
people have different relationships with them.  For people like the fabulous Henry Conway,
Ralph Lauren polo shirts might conjure up images of days out at Ascot, Croquet
and Daddy embezzling money from the government (Ba-doom-chish!). I just think
of Chavs, or as they were called back in my day, Essex boys. Without giving you
my life story – I’m saving that for another post – when I was at secondary
school, fake Ralph Lauren polo shirts were all the rage. In those days, you
spotted a fake by looking at the number of legs on the horse of the logo. Fakes
had 3 or less, real ones had 4. This led to a horse-logo-checking habit that’s
stayed with me to this day.

But I digress. It would make a nice change
this summer if men tried to be a little more daring in their colour
combinations. We know a white shirt and stonewash jeans match, but it’s boring
seeing everyone do it. Why not try something different?

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Uniqlo menswear sale – gibberish t-shirts a go-go

By ShinyMedia on July 20th, 2007


Sales are great. Sales at places which are already pretty damn cheap are even better. So the Uniqlo sale is the betterest sale going, pretty much. I’ve always looked at Uniqlo as a poor man’s Gap – but in a good way, because I’m a pretty poor man myself. These days their lines are a lot more colourful, thanks perhaps to the creative types they’ve employed to liven things up, as we reported last month. When I was in there last night I found a lot more stuff I’d consider buying than the last time I was in Gap.

I picked up a polo shirt and a t-shirt for a grand total of £15, and you can’t say fairer than that. Unless they fall apart within a week, in which case I’ll do another post warning you off the place. I went for plain designs, but if you’re fond of adorning your torso with utter gibberish, they do a nice line in nonsense slogans as well (see picture of t-shirt with nonsense on it, right).


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