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Present Tense: last minute Christmas gifts

By admin on December 18th, 2008

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Everyone is guilty of it, (well not everyone, I have a colour-coded Google Docs spreadsheet, natch!) but last-minute Christmas shopping can often leave you with gifts that have an air of desperation about them.
These picks have something for every wallet and they all carry an air of “What this? I bought this in November” insouciance. The Habitat lamp is a tasteful nudge for every Ikea junkie, and the watch will help the wearer get the ‘Sexy Cab Driver’ look which is going to be very important in ’09. A ‘To Do’ tattoo list is useful when compiling all those New Year’s resolutions, and all the more useful because they’re temporary. Resolution, what resolution?!

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What do you want from Brandish this Christmas?

By admin on December 2nd, 2008

We’re going to be bringing you a gift idea a day, but what else would you like to see on Brandish this Christmas? We’ve got a few things up our sleeves but take our poll and let us know what decorates your Christmas tree!

If you have some bright ideas or want to mention something I’ve missed out then send me an email to

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Brandish Inspiration: The Sartorialist Shoots Chanel Menswear in Fantastic Man 8

By Will Reid on November 26th, 2008


It’s that time of year when men and women of every age are all forgetting about work and turning their thoughts to something much more important- Christmas presents. I’m not talking about gifts for the slightly odd uncle or some flowers for that 80-year old neighbour who suddenly said ‘hello’ yesterday even though you heard she had died two months ago (just me?) I mean a Chanel Menswear tweed coat.

The great Karl Lagerfeld is no idiot when it comes to the gift-giving season and for the eighth issue of Fantastic Man, he has asked Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) to shoot the latest collection of elusive Chanel menswear for an article written by Charlie Porter. Wow.

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See after the jump for all the pictures from the editorial!

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WISHLIST: Goodie Two Sleeves T-shirts

By Will Reid on March 20th, 2008

Gt077m I know a guy who has a huge collection of novelty t-shirts. So often, I have been the victim of that ‘I’m With Stupid’ tee and it seems that every other day is chance for an airing of the Pac-Man castlist. However annoying, the t-shirts work as a great icebreaker and for some reason never lose their original wit. For this week’s sartorial desire, I went on a quest for one of these t-shirts and discovered a label called ‘Goodie Two Sleeves.’ With a great website, wide range of styles, witty logos and boys and girls collections- these tees would make brilliant presents and even better pick-me-ups (hint,hint any generous reader.) Compared to the usual Lanvin trainers and Mulberry baggage, this week’s WISHLIST item is also relatively cheap at around £10 for each t-shirt. Okay, I said relatively.

T-shirt, Goodie Two Sleeves, £11

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