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Jorg Gray watches get Barack Obama seal of approval

By admin on March 23rd, 2009

jorg gray barack obama watch presidential.jpg

We’re all aware of the implications of Barack Obama’s style choices and now he’s landing a little presidential sparkle to watch company Jorg Gray.

Obama received the watch as a gift from his security team in 2007 and has been spotted wearing the timepiece at official functions ever since. The Jorg Gray company, used to selling their watches for the corporate gift market have set up to make the most of the association. It’s available for $325, which for a fancy watch is a pretty good price and in 40 years’ time will make a great piece of memorabilia.

[Source: WWD]

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Andre 3000- I’d Vote Just For One Of Your Bow-Ties…

By Will Reid on October 2nd, 2008


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Andre Benjamin (also known as Andre 3000) is taking part in the latest ‘Declare Yourself’ campaign which urges American youths to cast their vote as to who should be the next President of their country. Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba also star in the campaign but it’s Andre’s image that has caught my attention.

Gagged with one of his own bow-ties, the campaign tells that “only you can silence yourself.”


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Jess Cartner Morley dissects Barack Obama’s style

By admin on June 6th, 2008

barack obama michelle presidential.jpg
With an admirable eye for detail the Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley has being giving the US presidential candidate’s dress sense the once over:
Barack Obama‘s own wardrobe has been striking in its simplicity. His trademark is a slim-fitting black suit, and a sense of spit and polish; a very starched white shirt, a very shiny dark shoe. The dark tailoring gives him gravitas, and – in photos at least – adds presence to his slim figure.

I must admit Barack Obama does cut quite a dash in the sartorial wasteland of US politics, his dark, slim-fitting suit has become his trademark and defines him as someone modern and efficient.

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[Source, Image: KPA/Zuma/Rex Features]

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