The World’s priciest mobile phone, Valentine’s Day disasters and Football’s top 12 romances

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Top stories from Brandish and our pals The Clash’s incredible 1979 New York shows and the story behind that pic The best Valentine’s Day disasters – punch ups, murder and Spaghetti attacks The mobile phone that costs £7,000 – and it isn’t even 4G Football’s 12 top romances – John and Frank, Ronaldo and himself and more 10 conclusions – …

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The Parka revival – and why I won’t be buying one

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I was never really a proper mod, but have worn mod gear for most of my life. Even more so as I have got older. Maybe the assertion that mod clobber is something that is perfect for the elder gentlemen has a grain of truth in it. Personally I have never really got on with so called ‘mod parkas.’ Actually …

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