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Just Do It: DIY Project #1- Cartoon Trousers

By Will Reid on April 9th, 2009

cartooncropped.JPGWith a month long holiday in India coming up, I knew I had to get some stand-out holiday wear. I thought about the different eras of recreational wear and began racking the (fashion) history books for inspiration- jumpsuits, capri pants, high-waisted slacks, kaftans, tunics, dungarees…the list goes on. But then, as with all moments of fashion genius, America’s Next Top Model came on the telly and I was reminded of the genius that is Jeremy Scott.

As a result I was led to a picture of a friend wearing a pair of Jeremy’s cropped print trousers and I fell in love. In order to recreate the look, I bought a pair of Topman’s cartoon-print pyjama bottoms (£15) and tied bits of string around my lower legs. I then folded the pyjama fabric under the string to achieve a cropped effect.

Because the print is so loud, you should stick to basic items in muted colours. And even if you don’t get the look that you wanted, I assure you that making the trousers is almost as much fun as wearing the finished edition anyway.


What would Run-DMC think?

By Jonathan Smith on November 21st, 2008


You cannae polish a turd and you cannae smarten a Superstar. Unfortunately that is exactly what Adidas Originals and Ronnie Fieg of David Z has tried to do with their “Black Tie” Project. The idea was to smarten up the classic Superstar and turn it into a black tie accessory in response to the recent trend in smarter dress, sadly it was a stupid idea to begin with and like most stupid ideas it has fallen flat on it’s arse with even an all black Superstar looking as appropriate with a suit as Ronnie Wood does with Ekaterina Ivanova- that’s right Ronnie, it may be legal but no one thinks it’s cool.

I have no doubt that these trainers will sell, whether you see anyone other than the three chumps in Jared Ryder’s photos wearing them with a suit is another matter entirely- for one thing try explaining to a doorman why you’re wearing Adidas with your Armani; “Not tonight lads.”

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Be a WINNER with the Windrunner!

By Jonathan Smith on September 19th, 2008


The first installment of the Nike 3×3 project has dropped over at Nike Sportswear. The 3×3 project is a series of 9 short films by 3 talented young peeps the first of which by Adam Jay Weissman features the legendary Nike Windrunner, other shorts by Todd James and Chris Robinson will be dropping over the course of the next 8 weeks at the rate of one a week.

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