New Puma Suede


Puma have been digging around in the dead stock closet and come out with a butt load of new Suede colours hitting the shelves at the end of the summer. Puma Suedes akin to the Reebok Pump, the Adidas Shell Toes and the Nike Air Max1 are mega players in the sneaker world, never looking dated and always being refreshed with new colourways.

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jsmithNew Puma Suede

L.A Gear are back from the abyss


L.A Gear are back! “Hurrah!” I hear you cry, and you would be right to because L.A Gear are a cheer worthy brand. Harking from the same era as the Reebok Pump – one of the greatest trainers of all time – in an age when it wasn’t enough for trainers to be comfortable and look good, they had to have some other way to interact with such as a pump or lighting system. Judging by the success of the relaunch of the Reebok Pumps these should sell well and be highly sought after by sneaker freaks.

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Jonathan SmithL.A Gear are back from the abyss

Pick of the Blogs: purple suede moccasins, fish shoes and Jeff Buckley

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Purple moccasins are where it’s at, no seriously. Actually I totally see what Bon Vivant means. [SavoirVivre]
Jeff Buckley is such an great style icon for this season, why didn’t I think of it first?! No go and listen to Grace. [Style Salvage]

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adminPick of the Blogs: purple suede moccasins, fish shoes and Jeff Buckley