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Jack White’s amazing working Record Booth – video

By Stefano on April 19th, 2013

recordbooth01Record Booths, basically mini recording studios where you went in to sing your songs and came out with a newly pressed bit of vinyl, were all the rage in the 40s and 50s. These days, with cassettes and digital recording, not so much. In fact they pretty much disappeared in the 1970s,

So it is so amazing that Jack White has brought the concept back to life at the Third Man Record Store in Nashville.

Especially for Record Store Day, but it will be working all year round, the refurbished 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine records up to 2 minutes of audio and dispenses a one-of-a-kind 6″ phonograph disc to the user.

The machine has been tweaked too to create 45RPM vinyl ratehr than the 78RPM it used to dispense in the middle of the last century.

Like the record booths of old those who make recording at the refurbished booth are encouraged to mail their records to friends and loved ones and Third Man offers custom-printed envelopes and postage stamps to make that happen.

And if musicians want a wider audience then they will be able to submit digitised versions of their recordings to Third Man to be streamed on a dedicated page on the Third Man Records website.

So can we have one in London pronto, please. Top-end of Brick Lane round the back off Rough trade would be ideal.

Anyhow here’s Brendan Benson in action creating his one-off 45. More info here

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Ten great vinyl only albums – The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Cleaners From Venus and more

By Stefano on April 5th, 2013

Not long to wait now. Record Store Day is coming a week on Saturday and I’ll be spending that day hunting down  obscure 80s indie singles and long lost psych albums.

And to celebrate – well we have got in a tad early – here is a list of ten of the greatest albums that have are vinyl only and have never had a CD reissue.

Except a few of them have – but either on dodgy low quality bootlegs or in legit reissues that have never ever turned up in the UK.

Anyhow, the best way to hear them is buying the vinyl. Here’s our list. What have we missed?

Velvet Underground - Squeeze £20

Picture 9 of 10
Picture 9 of 10

Squeeze was the album recorded in London by Doug Yule on his own with just Ian Paice from Deep Purple for assistance. Lou Reed had left the band after Loaded, Sterling Morrison was long gone too. Only Mo Tucker was notionally still in the band though she didn’t fancy the trip to England to record Squeeze as she had a young child to care for. Given that it is a Velvet’s album (in name at least) and that Lou Reed isn’t on it Squeeze is often held up as a musical disaster. I think this is largely by musical snobs and hard core Velvet fans who quite possibly haven’t bothered to listen to it. Although he wasn’t on board from the start Doug Yule actually played a very important role in the Velvets. He was a much more amenable bass player than Cale – and his vocals are all over the band’s third and fourth albums. I was quite shocked to discover the other day that my two favourite Velvet songs that aren’t on that peerless debut – Who Loves the Sun? and Candy Says are both sung by Yule. Musically Squeeze is a close cousin of Loaded and on several occasions Yule does uncannily sound like Reed, but there’s a bit more of Beatles influence than Loaded and the band goes deeper into 70s swamp rock than they had before. Suffice to say that had it been by another band it would be a very highly regarded mid 70s rarity. The one absolute undisputed highlight which should adorn any Velvet’s Greatest Hits is Friends, a gentle ballad that had it made the cut for the third album would be hailed as one of the band’s finest achievements. This really is the Velvets – and the Velvets at their best. The album’s closer, Louise, is also a very fine Beatley tune with a really great stomping piano finale. Then there’s the compact Crash, which sounds like it is a distant relative of Martha My Dear from the Fabs White album and She’ll Make You Cry which could be a cover of Merseybeat era Fabs classic. Also interesting is Wordless, which has more stomping piano and a very strong hook of a chorus – it would have made a great single. I also have a soft spot for the opener Little Jack which is one of the best steals of The Stones’ Sympathy whoo whoos ever. Never properly issued on CD - although it did come out as part of a six disc Velvets boxed set - it really deserves a re-run.

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Clarks team up with Best Coast for Record Store Day inspired Desert Boots

By Gerald Lynch on November 12th, 2012

Clarks are once again teaming up with Record Store Day, putting together a line of tune-inspired footwear and bagging the services of Californian indie-pop maestros Best Coast in the process.

As part of Clarks’ Originals collection for 2013, the veritable shoe makers will be putting together a line of bold, colourful patent leather Desert Boots for guys and girls, as well as pumps for the ladies too. Incorporating a vinyl print line motif  in our favourite mens’ pair (pictured above), each pair also includes raised concentric circle detailing, just like the grooves of a vinyl record.

As well as putting out a limited edition vinyl of their own to mark the partnership, Best Coast will also be playing a one off LA gig for Clarks on Record Store Day 2013 (the precise date remains a closely guarded secret). Those not among the lucky few able to bag a ticket will be able to stream the entire gig online at

“This is the next chapter in the on-going story of Clarks Originals and our hugely successful association with music,” says Gemma Green, Clarks marketing manager.

“We are delighted to collaborate with US band Best Coast, supporting Record Store Day 2013. The partnership results iin an exclusive track produced on vinyl and a limited edition Desert Boot – both timeless classics that stand the test of time. record Store Day and its spirit is the perfect alignment for Clarks Originals.”

Keep an eye out for the boots to touch down early next Spring, ahead of April 2013′s Record Store Day festivities.

Click here for more details, and scroll down for some more images of the new range.

Clarks Record Store Day 2013 Desert Boots

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Picture 1 of 13


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