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Trainers made from recycled bus seats

By admin on November 26th, 2008

above below trainers shoes sneakers bus seat recycled.jpg
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UK company Above and Below have made some trainers from old bus seat covers and they actually look quite fetching.

The sneakers have been made in collaboration with First Transport and the Transport Recycling In Partnership (TRiP) and are hi-top basketball type shoes with panels of bus seat fabric on the sides. I think they look rather good and you can’t immediately tell the fabric comes from a bus seat. Take a closer look though and I can’t help but imagine lighter burns, tinny songs played on mobile phones and graf-ed up windows.

[Image: Ray Tang/Rex Features]

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Etnies SEED: enviromental consciousness for the fashion conscious

By Jonathan Smith on August 26th, 2008


Want fashion but NEED sustainability? Nah me neither, but if you’re unlike me and care for the welfare of the planet then the Etnies SEED project has just the thing for you.

The SEED project is a collaboration between Etnies and Gary Benzel bringing you footwear and apparel made from recycled and sustainable materials, on top of this 1% of the profits from the sale of these pieces will go to environmental organisations that Etnies believes “will plant the seeds for the future of action sports, humanity, and our planet.

The San Diego based artist Gary Benzel has had a strong guiding hand in the design of the range and has done a smashing job, every piece looking great and finished to a high standard of quality that you sometimes don’t find in items born of recycled materials.

Jump through for the full range.

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Worn Again bicycle shoe on sale

By admin on August 8th, 2008

terra plana worn again trainer shoe.jpg
They’re already quite well established, but in case you haven’t heard of Worn Again before they recycle old materials making them into shoes and trainers you would actually wear. Seatbelts, tyres and tweed jackets, anything with life left in it is salvaged and used to make their trainers.

Worn Again’s bicycle shoe combines simple good looks and green credentials; and what’s more they’re reduced down to £35 which is a bargain price. The khaki and black colour scheme will look great with a pair of grey trousers for a pared down, minimal look.

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