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Spot the Difference: Nike revamp the Air Max

By admin on July 8th, 2009

nike air max maxim reissue.jpg

On the left, you have the original Air Max 1 which dates back from 1987 and on the right, the revamped Air Maxim.

Tinker Hatfield, the original Air Max designer entrusted Jesse Leyve with the revamp who said: “We took the original Air Max 1 design brief and ran it through a present-day filter” It’s amazing how something over 20 years old looks as fresh as it did back in 1987, but we’re currently torn between the old version and the new one.

The Nike reissue is hitting their pop-up store in August and the Maxim will be released nationwide in the next few weeks.

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Sneak Peek- Oki-ni Site Renovation Happening TODAY!

By Will Reid on March 3rd, 2009

okini.jpgThe Fashionisto has reported that Oki-ni is redesigning their website today and he has a quote from Pete Hellyer, Oki-ni Design Manager.

“While the products and mix has been constantly evolving the site has remained pretty much the same. 18 months on from the re-launch, what worked then…now doesn’t. We felt that it was time for a change, an evolution that puts the site on par with the products. And we hope that you agree.”

Prepare yourself for brilliant new labels, a blog, fashion archives and designer profiles. All exciting stuff, for sure!


Brandish gets a makeover

By admin on April 2nd, 2008

As you can tell we’ve been listening to the Poetic Poet’s web design rapping (it’s a piece of genius!) and we’ve given Brandish a bit of a redesign complete with a new logo. Do leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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