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Reg Presley tribute – The Troggs try to record a song called Tranquility and end up fighting

By Stefano on February 5th, 2013

Really sad to hear today of the death of one of the 60s most colorful pop stars – and he had some pretty serious competition too – the legendary Reg Presley of The Troggs.

First up what an amazing name. He was actually born Reg Ball but changed it in honour of the great rock and roller. Which is kind of bit like someone today naming themselves Reg Bieber.

Then there are the tunes. Wild Thing is untouchable as a proto grunge garage punk classic and has been the first tune that thousands of teenage bands have mastered. In a funny kind of way then Reg played a big role in getting thousands of young spotty geeks, who wouldn’t otherwise stood a chance, a little attention from the ladies.

I could also mention his odd psych recordings, that seminal hook up with REM and his weirdo obsession with crop circles, which in fact lead him to turn up in an office where I worked in the 90s. Long story.

But best of all is this an audio recoding of The Troggs in the early 70s, long past their salad days, trying to record a song called Tranquility and then almost coming to blows over it. Genius. Trust me you’ll be calling everyone a pranny tomorrow.

Here’s another Troggs classic

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