HTC Desire 610 review — a mid-range pocket pleaser?

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HTC seems to be covering all of its bases when it comes to releasing new smartphones, and the Desire 610 is definitely meant to cover the middle ground. At £240 SIM-free it was never going to be able to compete with the likes of the HTC One M8, but that’s clearly not what HTC was going for when it designed it. …

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HTC One Mini 2 Review

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It’s a growing trend amongst phone manufacturers to release a smaller, cut down version of their flagship handsets and HTC is no exception. Considering the buzz surrounding the HTC One M8, it’s hardly surprising that some people were excited for a smaller, lighter version of the phone. It’s not that much dissimilar to the M8, with a 4.5-inch display and …

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Sony Xperia Z2 review – and five reasons why you should consider buying it

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In the premium mobile stakes this year has been all about the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Glaxy S5. Hoping to muscle in on that battle for Android hearts and minds is Sony which has recently unveiled the Xperia Z2. So is it worth a look? Hayley and Becca say what they think on the video, but here’s a …

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The Shadow Kabinet – Nostalgia For The Future review

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If you have never heard The Shadow Kabinet’s epic album Smiling Worlds Apart I suggest you do it pronto. Especially if you love The Beatles. For with tracks like Tabla Motown (a quirky sitar driven instrumental) Office Life (Lovely Rita style pop) and the title (think Harrison’s droney psych), multi-instrumentalist Steve Somerset, for he is The Shadow Kabinet created a Sgt …

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More great new Psych – Jacco Gardner – Cabinet Of Curiosities review

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If you are a regular on these pages you’ll already be familiar with the work of one Jacco Gardner, the Dutch psych whizz kid who last year produced one of those drop dead brilliant, play it to everyone you meet type singles in Clear The Air. The single perfectly captured late 60s British Baroque Pop in a way that no …

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Mondo Jet Set – Provincial Drama Club review

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Luke Haines has quite possibly the best Twitter profile description ever. The one time Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man who recently rewrote the history of Britain in the North Sea Scrolls describes himself as being at ‘At the coalface of conceptual rock n roll.’ And mining away next to him in producing melodic pop gems with wonderfully pretentious monikers like …

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REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine @ Electric Brixton (27/01/13)

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It’s been five years since I last saw My Bloody Valentine live, and I’ve only just managed to recover the last fragments of earplug mined from my brain after surviving their sonic assault at Camden’s Roundhouse back in 2008. Their 2013 return to the UK sees volume levels remain the same (watching MBV is like picking a fight with a …

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Review: K-Swiss Classic Hiker

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I need to be completely honest right from the off – I don’t wear hiking boots. Not in a hiking sense, nor an ironic country-in-the-city sense. As such, it’s taken a little while to find where the the K-Swiss Classic Hiker Highs fit into a city life. This is now clear. If you’ve ever been skiing or snowboarding you’ll know …

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Burberry fragrance for men- like rubbing Phillip Schofield all over

Jonathan Smith Scent & Aftershave


Firstly let me confess my prejudices: I freaking love Burberry. I love Burberry for it’s class and excellence but more than that I love Burberry for its brash and obnoxious reputation bestowed upon it by council estates across the nation. No other brand can you wear and say with equal validity “I’m 1st class on Eurostar to Paris at 8:55 so get me on my Blackberry.” and “You look at Stacey again ‘n I’ll smash your fuckin’ head in!” Which is why I went off the radar with excitement when Isabelle told me she was calling in Burberry for men for me to test drive.

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Gareth Pugh’s first menswear show in Paris

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Gareth Pugh‘s first menswear show was greatly anticipated but having seen it I rather feel a bit of an anticlimax. It was exactly as I could have predicted with wetlook finishes, goathair epaulettes, and Margiela-style .He carried on the aesthetic from his last womenswear show, taking his origami facets onto puffa jackets and trousers, and accessorising with studded boots and feather headpieces.

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Milan Fashion Week Catwalk Report: Giuliano Fujiwara

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(Click on the picture for a larger image)


Giuliano Fujiwara have always been invested
in merging the fashion world of Japan and Italy and their A/W 2008 collection
looks to be a continuation of that theme. The far right photo is the perfect
example of this: an oversized hip-hop style jacket complete with tape next to
slim jeans.

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