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Style – Farrell’s classy 50s influenced Spring collection

By Stefano on January 28th, 2013

We are big fans of the Farrell brand. In case you haven’t come across them yet they are an quirky English indie with ex-Burberry fella Ben Dickens at the helm and Robbie Williams, yes him, providing some of the inspiration.

They also have a blog that sometime can be laugh out loud funny.

And they have just unveiled their spring summer collection and we really like a lot of it. There’s a lot of navy and white, some very classy lightweight rain coats, striking knitwear and more. There’s a whiff of the 1950s about it, especially that bowling shirt.

Here are five of their items which caught our eye. You can view the whole collection on their website.

Farrell Riding Mac £350

Picture 3 of 5
Picture 3 of 5

Farrell have got a range of lightweight spring rain coats of which I like this the best. It is apparently based on a real riding jacket - and has the vents to prove it - is 100% cotton and has a very striking red lining.

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Farrell’s Night Bus From Hell Survival Kit

By Stefano on December 13th, 2012

There are two very good reasons to love Farrell Menswear. Firstly they have some of the most stylish, classic menswear in the UK – in their own words think ‘the perfectionism of Savile Row tailoring, the practical elegance of Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer, the straight arrow modernism of Paul Weller.’

Secondly they have one of the best websites (and its accompanying blog) in UK style. The brand is currently running a Festive Survival Guide which teams up some clothes to get you through some tricky siuations from Christmas parties to post hangover breakfasts.

Our favourite though is the ‘A Naval Touch for The Night Bus from Hell’ which is featured above. It includes the brand’s classic Pea Coat, a striking, and incredibly warm looking cable knit cardigan and a rather lovely pair of wool grey trousers which oddly enough I can’t find on their website. I’ll pass on the tech though (old school BlackBerry – no ta) and I think I might be a bit big for the knickers.

Farrell do have some really gorgeous things in their current range. Here are a few of them. Oh, and the third reason to love them is the video below of their founder which always makes me smile. Details of all the products (and that blog too) here.

Farrell Pea Coat £300

Picture 1 of 4
Picture 1 of 4

This is a fairly traditional Pea Coat in Navy with anchor buttons underlining that maritime theme

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Mark Owen, style icon?

By Jonathan Smith on February 12th, 2009


Mum’s favourite Take That’er Mark Owen turned out for last nights Artists 11 exhibition for The Prostate Cancer Charity and bugger me bluntly from behind if he hasn’t dressed himself properly… again! It looks like age has seen off the leather waistcoats and this Mancunian flower has blossomed into a style icon, if a slightly soppy one at that. Since the 90′s uber group made its recent come back all members have been seen dressed with at least a modicum of style but Mark has risen above the rest every occasion the group ventures out into public often opting for a monochrome colour palette off set against his naturally sunny disposition.

Mockery aside Mark is yet to disappoint with a true classic style -double breasted jackets and heeled boots being regular points of interest- however the question remains as to whether the bands stylist is more to credit than the man himself. This said though until otherwise stated I’m willing to give Mark the benefit of the doubt after seeing the state of Gary Barlow and Jason Orange. Wow.

Take a jump through to get a blast from the past and see Take That in their heyday and a really quite passionate embrace between Robbie Williams and Mark Owen. You do want to see this by the way.

[Images: Wenn]

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Celeb Style: BoyZone’s Bare-Chest Comeback

By Will Reid on June 2nd, 2008

celebstyleboyzone.jpgThere are times I love gorging over celebrity looks; Cannes glamour, Oscar glory, MTV glitz. Then there are times when rather rubbish boybands return with a receding hairline and a group of barely-dressed female dancers, thinking they can win us all over with a rendition of an old classic and a bit of David Brent-dancing. Of course to pretend that BoyZone did not contribute to the Reid family soundrack would be a lie as Ronan’s “When You Say Nothing At All” has not only made my Mum cry but got my brother 16,414 Youtube hits. (I have, myself, never been influenced by that Irish twang and chorus of fiddles and flutes.)

Imagine my horror when the band recently returned to the O2 Arena in lamé trousers and chest-revealing waistcoats. I never thought I would be saying this but for once Take That could provide sutiable style inspiration.

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