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What would Run-DMC think?

By Jonathan Smith on November 21st, 2008


You cannae polish a turd and you cannae smarten a Superstar. Unfortunately that is exactly what Adidas Originals and Ronnie Fieg of David Z has tried to do with their “Black Tie” Project. The idea was to smarten up the classic Superstar and turn it into a black tie accessory in response to the recent trend in smarter dress, sadly it was a stupid idea to begin with and like most stupid ideas it has fallen flat on it’s arse with even an all black Superstar looking as appropriate with a suit as Ronnie Wood does with Ekaterina Ivanova- that’s right Ronnie, it may be legal but no one thinks it’s cool.

I have no doubt that these trainers will sell, whether you see anyone other than the three chumps in Jared Ryder’s photos wearing them with a suit is another matter entirely- for one thing try explaining to a doorman why you’re wearing Adidas with your Armani; “Not tonight lads.”

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Ugg boots, love them or hate them? Take our poll!

By admin on November 6th, 2008

uggs men rhys ifans boot slipper sheepskin.jpg
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What’s your opinion on Ugg boots for men? Everytime I’ve seen a man sporting Uggs I’ve done a double take and then tittered to myself. I’m not a fan of Uggs for women, let alone Uggs for men. Ronnie Wood and Brad Pitt are some of the many male slebs pictured in Uggs and now apparently the US company is aiming their furry boot firmly in the direction of men.
An anonymous fashion editor was reported to have said: “They are a monstrosity. They are like glorified slippers. You may as well shuffle down the street in your pyjamas and a pair of incontinence pants.”

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Yay or Nay?: Ronnie Wood and Girlfriend Go Matching!

By Will Reid on October 27th, 2008


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Ever since Ronnie Wood ran off with his 18-year old mistress Ekaterina Ivanova, I have been keeping my eye on the new couple’s outfits. Throughout history, scandals have been defined by fashion; Princess Diana’s tiger-print swimsuit, Heather Mills’ patchwork suit, Monica Lewinsky’s ‘Blue Dress.’

It struck me that Ronnie and Ivanova were often wearing outfits with a similar theme. On the left, we can see that one week, they both indulged in tie-dye print and during this week, they wore on-trend plaid/tartan jackets.

What do you think of couples in matching outfits? Yay or Nay?

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