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Dare you rock a Rugby shirt?

By jsmith on June 25th, 2009


Sportswear can be tough to get right; football shirts are out of the question, they immediately deny you access to all but the diviest of drinking holes. Tennis gear is kinda cack other than the immortal Fred Perry, plus it aligns you with the Wimbledon crowd “Come on Tim..!” No thanks. You can’t wear a basket ball vest if you’re white and you can’t wear most golf clobber if you’re black or white or under 50.

Rugby shirts you can work with. Underestimated in a fashion sense despite having a heritage along the same lines as the currently hot as shit polo shirts, with long sleeves and a sturdy collar a nice rugby could easily and stylishly replace a sweater on these summer evenings. Quality is not an issue, these shirts being made to take a knock or two and you can also be sure that you’re wearing something with a little more history than your H&M hoody. With many a brand putting their personal touch to the classic English rugby shirt and plenty of local, national and international teams producing classic rugbys you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a colour to go with your denims and boots.

The polo is dead, long live the rugby! Check out a few nice examples from the gamut of rugby colourways at Crew Clothing and Nautica but there are a million other places you can pick up an interesting, new and off the wall rugger!

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New York City Shopping

By Colin Chapman on December 12th, 2008

With the post-Obama glow making the US a desirable destination again, the pound not doing so badly against the dollar and hot guides like Buck magazine’s current New York issue, you may well be considering a shopping trip to NYC for Christmas or for the sales.

Head downtown where (reasonably) well known destinations like BBlessing and Oak offer the novelty of man boutique shopping at good prices (for us Brits at least). Ralph Lauren Rugby, aptly off University Place and not available in Europe feels like Vampire Weekend’s dressing up box. Other lesser-known places include TheCAST’s first retail store and Freemans – the offshoot of the uber-trendy restaurant.

If you make if off Manhattan (its EASY!) then Williamsburg has some great options: the original Oak store, the APC sale shop and Shoe Market (THE place in the city for deck shoes at half UK prices). Oak, TheCAST and BBlessing all have webstores if you can’t make it in person (though be cautious of those import taxes at the UK post office).

Image: Bblessing


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