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What would Run-DMC think?

By Jonathan Smith on November 21st, 2008


You cannae polish a turd and you cannae smarten a Superstar. Unfortunately that is exactly what Adidas Originals and Ronnie Fieg of David Z has tried to do with their “Black Tie” Project. The idea was to smarten up the classic Superstar and turn it into a black tie accessory in response to the recent trend in smarter dress, sadly it was a stupid idea to begin with and like most stupid ideas it has fallen flat on it’s arse with even an all black Superstar looking as appropriate with a suit as Ronnie Wood does with Ekaterina Ivanova- that’s right Ronnie, it may be legal but no one thinks it’s cool.

I have no doubt that these trainers will sell, whether you see anyone other than the three chumps in Jared Ryder’s photos wearing them with a suit is another matter entirely- for one thing try explaining to a doorman why you’re wearing Adidas with your Armani; “Not tonight lads.”

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