The iPhone 5S is no longer Britain’s most popular smartphone

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That’s right, the iPhone 5S is no longer the most popular smartphone in Britain.  So what was the amazing phone that managed to knock it from its throne? Turns out it was the 5S’s little brother, the iPhone 5C. According to uSwitch’s mobile tracker, which collects the data based on live searches, pre-orders, and sales, the iPhone 5S has suffered a minor …

Samsung has two new smartphones on the way

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  According to reports Kim Hyun-joon, senior vice president of Samsung Mobile, has told investors and analysts that a large-screen Samsung phone will be revealed in the coming months, along with a model made from “new materials”. Presumably the large screened phone will be the Galaxy Note 4, which is expected to be announced next month, while the phone made …

John Smedley in massive jumper/cardigan sale

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If you have never visited John Smedley’s discount store right next to their factory in Derbyshire you really should. They have lots of end of line items, slight seconds and more at very very cheap prices. If you live a million miles from Derbyshire and still want to grab one of their wonderful sea island cotton cardigans or extra fine …

Sale pick – Nanny State Canvas slip on brogues

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I’m for all the idea of wearing shoes without socks but the reality is painful. These canvas Nanny State brogues are a great compromise, doing what Nanny State do best and mixing smart and casual. As Will suggested, canvas brogues are best if you’re looking to pull off the short suits look. On top of all this, they only cost £14.99.

Sale pick: J. Lindeberg jeans

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Now that the sales are in full swing, it’s time to start picking out the true bargains. House of Fraser is usually too chav-tastic for me, but these J. Lindeberg jeans are a steal at £50. The simple design and dark wash make this a wardrobe staple instead of a regretful sales purchase, so you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll still like it in six months.

January Sale piece: Nerve’s brown coat

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What’s the word most associated with the
phrase ‘January sales’? Is it ‘great bargains’ or ‘horrible panic buy made just
to get out of the shop with something’? For most, it’s the latter. Bright lights and awful music can make for
some terrible shopping decisions. So why not take some time out, turn your
lights down low, put on whatever music you like and take a seat. Although you
should have been sitting down already, unless you use a PC standing up. And
that’s just bizarre.