Duffle coats pick from Schott, Topman and Peter Werth

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A quick Wiki of ‘duffle coat’ offers a great backstory and an explanation of why I was spelling it ‘duffel’. The name refers to the Belgian town of Duffel, where the thick woollen fabric used in making the coats originated. Marvellous fact!

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adminDuffle coats pick from Schott, Topman and Peter Werth

Stussy x Schott – yeah seriously


Not since the Aguilera/Bratman marriage has the world seen such an unlikely pairing, street fashion brand Stussy has gotten together with Whetherspoons favourite Schott to work on this jacket. Made from cow hide and wool the coat looks… really good… am I the only one who’s genuinely shocked? Pencilled in for release in November, there is no mention of price but at a guess I’m thinking- not cheap.

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Jonathan SmithStussy x Schott – yeah seriously