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Acanorum offers striking contemporary art on a T shirt

By Stefano on December 20th, 2012

Here’s an interesting new label. Acanorum are from Sheffield and are on a mission to deliver contemporary British Art and Design on what they says is high quality clothing. The company has just gone live on Facebook and Twitter and released their first items.

The range looks promising and will soon be available at The Inherited Shop and and on ASOS too. These Ts will cost £24.99. You can keep up to date with the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

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A1 Bassline

By Jonathan Smith on September 17th, 2008


A1 Bassline, you know him right? No? You know- the new face of Bassline House? Seriously? Not even Bassline House? OK well let me start at the beginning- Bassline House, a genre of music which is finally having its day in the sun after having putting in more than its fair term in the clubs of Sheffield and the North West. Older than Garage but (until now) less popular than Gary Glitter the genre is now getting the recognition it deserves and who is the (masked) young face leading the music revolution? None other than our Essex boy A1 Bassline!

Which untidily leads me back to me original point, you know A1 Bassline right? Good. Well check out these pics of A1 shot by music photographer Robin Bharaj, because not only is A1 leading the way in Bassline House he seems to be quite the future style icon.

Look. Absorb. Emulate.

More pics through the jump and check out Robin Bharaj’s flikr photostream here.

[Images: Robin Bharaj]

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